Pattaya Honeymoon Tour Package

Pattaya Tour Package - Pattaya Where the Day Starts in the Night

Romance can be feel by anyone for a special person and anywhere around the world. Love can travel miles for make their love happy. It’s a little difficult to find true shade of love in this day to day life. Most of the people are still finding their love or some other were only enjoy the provided moments of their life. And when it’s about love and romance, then Pattaya stand on number one position. Pattaya is a city of love, adventure, grace, nature and many other beautiful attractions. The whole city is ready to make you happy via their efforts in travels. With the passage of time, Pattaya tourism is becoming the best among others in providing tourist service. The beautiful sandy area will attract you towards the destination. The sun rays directly come from the beautiful view and make people happy. Not only beachside, but market and shopping centers are also the best point of attraction. Pattaya is developing day by day as around 15 million of people come this destination every year for enjoying their time. This is perfect destination for enjoying some best days with your own squad in this beautiful city. Just pack your bag and come to this beautiful location for spending best days.

Pattaya and Bangkok

Pattaya and Bangkok

Pattaya 2 Nights - Bangkok 2 Nights Starting ₹11,899/-

Memorable Thailand Honeymoon

Phuket Krabi Pattaya and Bangkok

Phuket 2 Nights - Krabi 2 Nights - Pattaya 2 Nights - Bangkok 2 Nights-           Starting ₹27,930/-

Phuket and Bangkok

Phuket and Bangkok

Phuket 2 Nights - Bangkok 2 Nights Starting ₹15,400/-

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What to see and Do in Pattaya

We all are aware with the beautiful island having destination but Thailand is the best among all. Thailand is a city of love, attraction, views and innovation. Nowadays, this destination is considered as business hub because mostly meeting was commencing I this heart taking location. And when we are talking about islands and beautiful views, Pattaya always strike in people’s mind. This location which Is very popular for all kind of activities such as visiting, enjoying and many other activities. Pattaya always gets in trend for making people happy with their attractive places and environment. Every year, the number of visitors was increasing day by day and this place is acquiring attention from all people.

What kind of Traveller are you

If you are with your loved family, this place has a wide collecting of activities for You. All members were feeling very happy in this tour. If you are visiting here with your loved one or recently you get tied a marriage’s knot, So Pattaya is a perfect honeymoon destination for you. If you are an adventurous lover or fun seeker, so don’t get confused with any other place. Just pack your bag and ready to have fun.

Where to Stay in Pattaya

If you are planning to visit Pattaya in Thailand and want to make this trip a memorable trip, so you don’t need to go anywhere. We are also providing you the best accommodation while your trip to Pattaya. There are many beaches like Pattay beach, jomtien beach which has a great collection of hotels near them and providing staying facilities. So you have tp pack yor bag and get ready for the adventurous trip with Parbhat travels.

Where to Shop

If you are Visiting Pattaya, so it is general that you will fall in love with the charming and colorful market of here. Mostly people will prefer to do shopping here in night so that they can easily enjoy the nghtlife of this place. At the night time, this place is otally get changed in beautiful shops with a creative lighting. Aso, many people’s were visit Pattaya Floating market which is very famous amon tourist here. This Market is places within water.

Where Eat in Pattaya

Food is the most important factor of staying at any place of giving a good rating to that place. And if you are not alone, it is your responsibility to gave your partner a better food. And Pattaya is very rich in food. There are many restaurants who are providing tasty food at very affordable cost. You can also provide Indian restaurants, Thai restaurants where you will get facility with food. A delicious food is much more important for enjoying.

How to reach Pattaya

There are many ways to visit Pattaya as By Air, by Road and By water but generally people prefer to use Airlines for visiting Pattaya in Thailand. You can easily reach there by any mean and after getting there you would be picked up by our invigilators. After that they will help you to check in your hotel and then your adventurous tour will start with Us. So keep packing your bag and get ready to have fun.

About Pattaya Tour Package

One of the best things about Thailand is that you can enjoy with a lot of things to do in Pattaya including fun-filled adventure and activities. Pattaya is a distinct place in the country where urban and rural life with its customs converges. This is where the combination of modern and classic art happens. Your vacation to this place is 100% guaranteed to be enjoyable and worthwhile.
There are innumerable things to do in Pattaya. One of the thrilling things to experience is the zip-line. If you are the adventurer type, get into this 3-km, 26-platform ride. Amazing, right? You will be even more amazed to know that it is located at Pattaya’s rainforest canopy. The Flight of the Gibbon is something for you to look forward to because you will not have it in any part of the world. You can see the forest as you go through this exhilarating adventure. As a tourist, you will surely have a memorable experience going through this adventure.
The next best thing to do in Pattaya is to experience skydiving. If zip-line is too tame for you, go for skydiving. Pattaya is one of the best drop spots for skydiving in Thailand. At 4,000 meters of 13,000 feet off the ground, you will see the amazing view of the sea during skydiving. the magnificent weather also allows you to experience such adventure. For those who want to get advanced training on standard safety procedures on skydiving, the course is also offered in the area.
Pattaya bungee jumping is another great fun-filled activity that tourists can experience. It is one of the best adventures you can have in Thailand where you jump at 60 meters above floor level. And you got it right, it’s 60 meters! For those who wish to relax and unwind, there are great places to go in Pattaya. They have clean, crystal clear beaches that captivate tourists. They are safe swimming areas for kids and families. Most hotels and vacation houses are normally occupied by tourists all year through.
Strolling along or eating out in Thailand is best in Pattaya. It has scenic view of both the past and present cultures. The city hold various shrines and temples all with historical significance and beauty. There are so many things to do in Pattaya and all of them are wonderful. The place is packed with so much fun and adventure. Pattaya is a place where you can get incomparable experiences that you will stay with you all through your life.