Where to Shop in Pattaya

Where to Shop in Pattaya

(1). Pattaya Night Bazaar

When it is about shopping so people will more alert as shopping is the love of most of the people. Everyone loves to shop for themselves and their loved ones and when we are visiting Pattaya an amazing city so it is understood that we should shop something unique from this market. And Pattaya night Bazaar is just a perfect decision for you as this market is very pretty and wide. The reasonable rated of all items were excited you a lot and the quality of these items were very good. You should ones visit this pattya Night Bazaar.

(2). Sukhumvit Road Market

Sukhumvit Road Market is one of very famous and popular market in pattaya city. This market is having its own beauty with numerical stalls for food which you want to eat, clothes which you want to buy. This place is very much famous for buying copied DVD’s and knock-off watches. All the items were given to you at very cheapest or you can say that reasonable prices. The starting time of this market is around 6:00 pm at evening. Charm of this market make this different from other all markets.

(3). Pattaya Floating Market

Have you ever heard about selling something from the middle of river or pond or lake? Yes it is look like a dream but when you come to Pattaya and visit the floating market of pattaya, so all your dream will come true at this point. Yes in this market sellers by the items from boat and visitors also buy them. People come from many places just to see this unique tradition of this city pattaya where seller sells fruits, vegetables and other sellable items from boats. This market is very much popular among all other markets of pattaya.

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