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Thailand Tour Packages - Thailand Land of Unlimited Fun

Thailand is one of the hottest destinations of the world today offering adventurous beaches, nightlife’s, fun sports, vibrant sea life, culinary delights, and astounding culture exceeding the expectations and imaginations of a usual traveler. So whether you are an adventure traveler or a family traveler, Thailand can offer you the best of your holiday experience. However, despite being one of the most visited and frequently traveled destination of the world, you can still go wrong. So to actually make the best out of your Thailand Holiday, you must consult the services and guidance of our professional travel consultant. Our travel consultant carefully guides you through your entire trip from your arrival to your departure by providing you with every detail of what to see, where to visit and what to avoid on your trip to Thailand. Parbhat Travels makes your flight booking, hotel package, and other itinerary much simpler and easier than you can ever imagine. With just a few clicks of the mouse on your internet connection, we will provide you with all the choices for Thailand flights and hotels. Not only that, Parbhat Travels along with making your tour easy and simple by offering you best deals, tour packages, flight tickets, hotel reservation, transport etc. also provides you with all the necessary and significant details of the destination, travel do's and don'ts, places to visit, sites to see plus a lot more options of tourism deals and packages to make your travel memorable and save you money. What more, at Parbhat Travels you can also find last minute deals and attractive travel packages to this awesome destination of the world at the most incredible prices.

Pattaya and Bangkok

Pattaya and Bangkok

Pattaya 2 Nights - Bangkok 2 Nights Starting @ ₹11,000/-

Phuket and Krabi

Phuket and Krabi

Phuket 3 Nights - Krabi 2 Nights Starting @ ₹15,500/-

Unforgettable Thailand

Budget Thailand Tour

Phuket 3 Nights/ Krabi 2 Nights
Starting @ ₹7,500/-

Scrutinize Phuket

Krabi and Koh samaui

Krabi 2 Nights - Koh Samui 3 Nights Starting @ ₹18,900/-

Memorable Thailand Honeymoon

Phuket Krabi Pattaya and Bangkok

Phuket 2 Nights - Krabi 2 Nights - Pattaya 2 Nights - Bangkok 2 Nights-           Starting @ ₹25,000/-

Phuket Krabi and Bangkok

Phuket Krabi and Bangkok

Phuket 2 Nights - Krabi 2 Nights - Bangkok 2 Nights                               Starting @ ₹23,000/-

Momentous Thailand

Momentous Thailand

Phuket 2 - krabi 2 - Koh samui 2
Starting @ ₹22,000/-

Remarkable Thailand Honeymoon

Remarkable Honeymoon

Krabi 2 - koh samui 3
Starting @ ₹18,000/-

Phuket and Bangkok

Phuket and Bangkok

Phuket 2 Nights - Bangkok 2 Nights Starting @ ₹14,000/-

Most visiting Place in Thailand

If you are planning to visit Thailand so don’t miss the nightlife Bangkok, beach life of Pattaya, beautiful view of Phuket, beach love of Krabi, big Buddha temple of Kuh Samui and Resorts of Hua hin. All of these places have their separate charms and they all attract you to fall for this city. So whenever you visit Thailand, don’t miss these amazing attractions.

Thailand Tour Package - Reasons to Choose Holidays to Thailand

Affordability and great travel option all year through

One of the top reasons why you should tour Thailand from New Delhi on such a very special occasion is because it is a very affordable travel option. Of course the two of you would want to spend enjoy the time of your life but this should not involve a significant expenditure just as you begin your life’s journey together. There are many travel deals to Bangkok, Thailand so you can make your dream holiday a reality. Also the weather is fine most of the year, so you can plan your holidays any time you want.

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Enjoy the beauty of the amazing Thailand beaches

What is great about a holiday to this part of the world is that this land has so many scenically beautiful sites on display. Out of these top Thailand beaches like Hua Hin, Cha-Am Beach, Pattaya Beach, Koh Samet and Pranburi beach are perfect locations for honeymooners to relax and unwind and watch the sunset and sunrise right before their eyes. These locations also have some beautiful hotels and resorts so you can enjoy the amazing view right from your hotel room.

Enjoy the thrills of a vibrant Bangkok city tour

As the capital and largest city of Thailand, Bangkok is a bustling city full of life wherever you may go. To enjoy the amazing thrills this location has to offer you should definitely not miss out on a Bangkok city tour. If you are looking for more activities to enjoy together, shopping would come off on top of your list. The city is full of glamours shopping malls that will give you so much to explore. Some of the best destinations to visit include MBK Center, Siam Paragon and Platinum Fashion Mall.

4 Things You Should Not Miss Out In Thailand

Thailand is considered one of the best tourist locations in South East Asia and it is quite easy to see why! This country is best known for its amazing beaches, stunning temples, and the modern urban sprawl. It is a country where you do not have an option to get bored. From the moment you step out of the flight to the time you leave, you will always be surrounded by some of the genuine, friendliest and down to earth people that you would have never met. You will surely understand why this place is called the “Land of Smiles.“ The next best thing about this place is the food. Thai cuisine, Huntsville offers a wonderful variety of flavors and cooking styles. If you are planning a trip to Thailand,

Here are some amazing things that you can do:

1. Get a Thai Massage

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Thai massages are world-famous and unique. It stretches your body and works on the pressure points. The whole experience will make you feel invigorated and balanced. You will find several massage parlors in almost every town and city of the country. The prices are also quite cheap compared to what you would pay back home.

2. Thai Restaurants

From rich soups and curries to fresh salads and everything in between, Thai cuisine offers a delicious variety of flavors and cooking styles. Whenever you visit this place, food is the one thing that you definitely shouldn’t miss. You will love the seafood at Thai restaurants. Thai food is a combination of all flavors; salty, spicy, sour and sweet. Nothing is baked and you get to have a beer with ice here. Your Thailand visit will be incomplete if you do not try their best foods. So go ahead and calm your cravings.

3. Go to a Full Moon Party

One day, a group of tourists realized that the most beautiful view of the full moon was from Koh Phangan beach so they decided to hold a party and from that day it became an institution. More than 30,000 party animals travel to those beaches to celebrate every full moon with a party. These parties are like festivals, full of color music and nonstop drinking. When you get tired of dancing, you can go for a swim in the warm Gulf of Thailand.

4. Shop Till You Drop

When in Thailand, make sure to visit Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. During the daytime, this road is just like any other road but transformation takes place at night. Hundreds of stallholders line the 1km stretch of road, turning the area into a shopper’s paradise. You will find everything on sale including the designer products; however, most of them are fake! No matter what day of the year it is or how is the weather, this market is always open.

5 Things to have in Thailand Tour Package

1. Tune Kran Festival in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

show more..... Tune Kran, or the Thai New Year, is fundamentally the universes most obvious water fight. Constantly in mid-April, the country shuts down for 3-5 days all together that everyone can celebrate. Thai buddhists start the morning by validity making – performing cleansing limits by pouring water on the Buddha statues.

2. Look at the Area Around Pai

All through Thailand you will find spontaneous Khmer impacts from the old Khmer kingdom best known close-by in Cambodia, and a basic number of these will be found along the Ancient Khmer Highway, which is a 225-kilometer roadway worked by the old Angkor Empire. Furthermore, are normally found along the Thai-Cambodia edge. The road leads from the more conspicuous havens of (Angkor Wat) in Cambodia, experiencing Surin, Buriram Province just to end just 60 kilometers from Korat city at the Phimai Historical Park. Of these structures, the Phanom Rung Historical Park (contiguous the adjoining Muang Tham) would plausibly be the all the all the all the all the more entrancing of these old zones, found on a now gotten out wellspring of fluid magma where it insults the Cambodian edges. Additionally, remembering that these destinations were at first Hindu, as opposed to the undeniable neighborhood Buddhist culture, they are so far regarded, especially the God Shiva. Arriving to Phanom Rung there is an out of date walkway fixed with stone regions which leads through a stairway of 'Naga' and snake heads, as it continues to the top safe house of the remainder of the parts.

3. Phanom Rung Temple

All through Thailand you will find accidental Khmer impacts from the old Khmer kingdom best known adjacent in Cambodia, and boundless will be found along the Ancient Khmer Highway, which is a 225-kilometer roadway worked by the old Angkor Empire. Furthermore, are ordinarily found along the Thai-Cambodia edge. The road leads from the more eminent havens of (Angkor Wat) in Cambodia, experiencing Surin, Buriram Province just to end just 60 kilometers from Korat city at the Phimai Historical Park. Of these structures, the Phanom Rung Historical Park (close to the neighboring Muang Tham) would viably be the all the in addition interesting of these old regions, found on a now gotten out wellspring of fluid magma where it ignores the Cambodian edges. Additionally, reviewing that these goals were at first Hindu, rather than the unquestionable neighborhood Buddhist culture, they are so far regarded, especially the God Shiva. Getting in contact to Phanom Rung there is an obsolete walkway fixed with stone sections which leads through a stairway of 'Naga' and snake heads, as it continues to the top haven of the remainder of the parts.

4. Amphawa Floating Market

Asian markets are dependably a bewildering foundation we cherish wandering around attempting neighborhood sustenance and watching people. One of our top picks was Amphawa Floating Market, close Bangkok, it's something not to miss in Thailand. Amphawa is seven days' end sustenance appear, it starts on Friday night and finishes on Sunday evening. Distinctive neighborhood individuals from Bangkok come here for week's end trip to rest from the clamoring city and to perceive close to sustenance. Here you can endeavor all sort of treats from fish to organized item; additional impressive prawns, crabs, squids, fish, ordinary thing shakes, soups, cakes and treats – the changing accumulation of a Thai sustenance flaunt. The most bewildering for us was watching Thai people planning and serving dinners sitting on wooden vessels merged by various specific lights. You can buy engineered sustenance from a vessel and sit at one of the tables along the Maeklong stream bank. Another improvement not to miss here is a fireflies watching vessel visit that cleaves you down the conductor where in the greenery you can see different fireflies, an unfathomably nostalgic voyage. On Saturday morning don't miss the standard blessing association, when nearby individuals reach Maeklong channel with their endowments (sustenance compartments) for Buddhist pastors that gather headways paddling irrelevant wooden vessels.

5. Koh Lipe – Maldives of Thailand

The shorelines of Thailand Tour are acclaimed the world over, anyway then it's beginning at now difficult to structure a trip to one that is undeniably not a jam-crushed break spot, particularly in the midst of summer. Koh Lipe is one of the remaining ideal islands in the country. In context on its splendor and clear blue shorelines, it's additionally separate as The Maldives of Thailand.
Koh Lipe is in a general sense a little island in the south of Bangkok Holiday Package, near the edge of Malaysia. It has 3 islands which you can investigate all the way – Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and Pattaya Beach. There are a few motels and hotel in the island, in like manner as an extended, troublesome experience called Walking Street where you can find diners selling genuine Thai dishes, bars and blessing shops.
The most grasped movement in Koh Lipe is to shoreline bum, regard the sun and the sea. You can in like manner island bounce to neighboring islands or pick to kayak. There are in addition two or three hopping centers that can help you with submerged treks and accreditation.
Always, everyone is busy with the fun and incredible events, pouring water on anyone and everyone who approaches. Bowls, water firearms and hose channels have everyone sprinkled to the skin.

Thailand Tour Package From Delhi

show more..... Thailand is the most appropriate and loved international holiday location from people living in Delhi. There are number of reasons that contribute to the popularity of Thailand tour packages from Delhi. The fact that Thailand is closer to Delhi as compared to other location in India is one of the reasons. But most importantly because of the versatility of features that Thailand is able to offer to the visitors to the place. Thailand is a beautiful country and has lots to offer. Its capital city is Bangkok which in itself receives thousands of visitors. The country has number of attractive locations that not only include the natural spots but also various man made marvels theta regard a result of the tremendous developments that Thailand has gone through in the recent years. With the increase in the facilities that the Thailand tour packages from Delhi are able to provide to the people, the popularity of these tours has increased. Every ear lots of people from Delhi go for a tour To Thailand and have good time out there. Soon when these packages were launched in the market, they became popular and grab the attention of thousands of customers from all around the Delhi location.

Important points

There are many places from where you get the option to choose from the Thailand tour packages from Delhi, but you need to make a selection that is wise and is done accurately. The quality of features that are provided by the agency would determinate quality of time that you wound pass there; hence a wise selection is important. Make sure that you get a package that provides all sorts of details that would not only include the transport facilities but also o the food. Thai food is one of the most loved foods and when you visit Thailand it becomes important to try it out. The marine life of the beaches are also a must see and you need to get assured that your Thailand packages from Delhi includes the facilities.

Other points

Lots of customers from Delhi also visit the place for shopping. Thailand has some of the most popular shopping spots in the world. In Thailand markets and especial in some of them, you can get almost very thing under one place. Many customers visit Thailand from Delhi especial for shopping for their loved ones. The various shopping locations in Thailand should be covered in the Thailand packages from Delhi that you get.

Dream Thailand Honeymoon Tour Package

Koh Chang Island

This beautiful island paradise, which is a real honeymooners' dream, is essentially one of the Thai destinations perfectly suited for a dream honeymoon, bringing together a number of elements to make up what will undoubtedly be a honeymoon any married couple wouldn't mind having twice.

Arriving by boat from the Thai mainland, the ultimate dream honeymoon kicks off in somewhat of an imposing fashion, with some of the more popular, more crowded areas of the island coming into view as the island makes its first impression.

These popular parts of the island, which serve as the main entry points of the most popular travel route from the mainland, include the likes of White Sand Beach, Bangbao Bay and Salak Khok Bay, known for a very wide variety of holidaymakers' holes which include attractions such as nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

As a couple of honeymooners though, you will want to aim for the quieter parts of the island, with two of the most fitting locations being Lonely Beach and Klong Son Beach, but mostly Lonely Beach. Klong Phrao Beach falls somewhere in between the two categories, but it isn't as popular as the others, on both fronts.

Klong Son Beach

Also known as Had Klong Son, Klong Son Beach embodies the kind of scenery of which romantic movie scenes are made, with paradise-like stretches of pure white sands making for the perfect setting of a honeymooners' cliche, a long walk on the beach, punctuated by the occasional open-plan restaurant to complete the dream, with the offering of romantic wining and dining establishments.

Lonely Beach

The suitably named Lonely Beach pretty much says it all and this part of the island is also known as Kai Bae Beach.

Even if you're not directly lodging in Lonely Beach, it is worth visiting as a honeymooner for the much-vaunted long-walk-on-the-beach experience that will undoubtedly make for one of the most outstanding features of your dream honeymoon, since the Lonely Beach scenery is galvanized by a golden sheen of the most beautiful sunset you will ever witness, and the cool, humid ocean breeze completing your soap opera-like, ultimate honeymoon scene.

The local romantic dinner boat cruise for two is definitely something to incorporate into your honeymoon, making for just another reason why the Koh Chang Island of Thailand makes for the ultimate in dream honeymoons.

FAQs on the Thailand tour

1. Is it necessary to have travel insurance while on a Thailand tour?

Yes, travel related-uncertainties like losing your travel baggage at an airport or hotel, tourists with some chronic diseases, water sports adventure seekers, trekkers, bikers, and having an international license, which is accepted to drive an SUV or sedan in Thailand are advised to take travel insurance before starting your Thailand tour package. It will help to get immediate medical attention, claim loss in case of baggage thefts, and might meet with minor accidents while traveling.

2. How much do I need to tip as a honeymoon tourist in Thailand?

Giving tips to tourists is not mandatory in Thailand. You will find that 5-star hotels, luxury resorts, and branded restaurants do not entertain their guests to give tips for various hospitality services they are rendering to tourists. Tourists are advised not to give more than 10% of the bill if you wish to give tips. Couples coming under an all-inclusive Thailand honeymoon tour package can avoid such tipping culture.

3. Is purchasing liquor prohibited for international tourists in Thailand?

No, tourists from any country can buy alcohol in permitted liquor shops if they are 20 years and above on the day you visit in a Thailand tour package. The liquor shops are open from 11 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM to the wee hours of the night, as nightlife begins after the sunset. Making prior alcohol arrangements with your hotel or resort if you are lading here on religious holidays is advisable.

4. How to get around in Thailand for couples?

Thailand is a couples-friendly nation. You will find multi-cultural people as Thai nationals and tourists in a public mode of transportation. The affordable way to travel throughout this country is through Thailand-owned busses, trains, and flights. There are many local taxis, cabs, car rentals with a driver, and the famous Tuk-Tuk to take you to the desired places you wish to go locally or out of provinces. It is advisable to check the price and travel for your safer side.

5. Is Thailand the best to go for a family tour?

Yes, there is no doubt Thailand has many family-friendly places to take a tour in all seasons. The top 10 places to go with your kids in Thailand are Ayutthaya, Chiang Khan, Chiang Rai, Kanchanaburi, Khao Lak, Ko Mak & KO Kood, Krabi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Sukhothai, and Trang. These places have family-friendly hotels, resorts, and restaurants. They have a kid's area with many recreational activities to do. Thailand tour packages for families are many. It is advisable to check that they include nature tours, zoo visits, national parks, amusement parks, and kid-friendly beaches.

6. Which are the family-friendly cities to visit once on a Thailand tour?

Bangkok City tour is included in most of the Thailand tour packages. Yet, apart from Bangkok, the other major cities you must visit are Chanthaburi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nakhon Si Thammarat, and Ubon Ratchathani. They are with nightlife places, shopping, and places to dine multi-cuisine dishes apart from authentic Thai foods.

7. Where are the family-friendly beaches in Thailand?

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The Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are some of the best tropical sea beaches. Suppose you come here on a Thailand tour package with your family. In that case, it is advisable to visit Kamala Beach, Khlong Chao, Khlong Dao Beach, Khlong Phrao, Ko Bulon Leh, Ko Chang, Ko Jum, Ko Kood, Ko Kradan, Ko Kradan Beach, Ko Lanta, Ko Lip, Ko Phangan, Ko Samet, Ko Samui, Ko Yao Noi, Lipa Noi, Long Beach, Pattaya Beach, Phuket, School Beach, Tha Khao Beach, Thong Nai Pan Yai, and Wong Duean Bay with your kids.

8. Which are the top chilly places to spend your honeymoon in Thailand?

Romantic couples on a honeymoon trip in winter or summer must-visit Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Khao Yai, Khao Kho, Mae Hong Son, Lampang, Wang Nam Khiao, Saraburi, and Nakhon Ratchasima to enjoy the cool weather in Thailand. It will help to check if your Thailand honeymoon tour package includes any of these chilly destinations in Thailand.

9. Which are the best places to visit for a luxury tour in Thailand for a honeymoon?

Thailand is famous for promoting luxury tourism in Southeast Asia. A Thailand tour package for couples is the best to book in Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya to seek luxury resorts with spas, star hotels with couples spas, and beachfront luxury villas with a pool.

10. Is Thailand the perfect destination for wellness tourism for couples?

Your Thailand honeymoon tour package under wellness tourism is the best to book if you wish to have a couples spa, authentic Thai massage from Thai professional massagers, and come under a weeklong wellness therapy. Such wellness retreat centers are on beachfront luxury and in traditional themes. They offer indoor and outdoor wellness services.

Thailand Packages from Top Cities

Our Happy Travelers Reviews

Thailand Tour
Paul Hasburg

Paul Hasburg


“We loved most the one-day Bangkok City tour, Nightlife, Muay Thai, live kickboxing in Thai style, and cabaret dance in Bangkok. Overall our corporate tour booking with you was more than what we expected. We appreciate Mr. Danny’s cooperation in our entire 3-days and 4-nights Thailand tour package. Our team will book with your further apart from corporate tours.”

Thailand Tour
Plisa Moody

Plisa Moody


“Our one-week Thailand honeymoon tour package booked with your company was awesome and satisfactory. Mr. Danny and his team did all travel and sightseeing arrangements in Phuket Island and Krabi. The Star hotel accommodation in Phuket and luxury resort accommodation in Krabi were with utmost luxury and comfort. We enjoyed couples spa and Thai massages in a private beach and garden-themed open spa.”

Thailand Tour
Christine Smith

Christine Smith


“Excellent luxury tour organized by your tour company in Thailand. We enjoyed your Thailand tour package for couples including Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya on a weeklong trip from Bangalore. The luxury hotels, resorts with couples’ spas, and food arrangements in couples-friendly places were an unmatched experience. I suggest booth with them for romantic couples to spend their leisure time in luxury and comforts. ”