Krabi Tour Package

Karbi Tour Package - Experience the Amazing Island Beauty of Krabi Island

Apart from leisure activities, is there any place for Eco-tourism in Thailand, then visit Krabi in a Krabi tour package from India? Parbhat Travels offers a comprehensive and bespoke tour page to groups, families, and couples from India. Krabi is a province that lies in the southern part of Thailand, adjoining the west coast of the Andaman Sea. The Krabi River and its tributaries flow here and mix in Phang Nga Bay. It has one of the evergreen rainforests in this world. In other words, they are virgin rainforests. 60% of the Krabi areas are under National parks and a reserved area under various Biome protection covers. Krabi is now popular among Nature lovers. It is not similar to Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai, where tourists plunge throughout the year for nightlife, partying, and recreational sports. Tourists visit Krabi to relax with Mother Nature. The National Parks in Krabi is one of the major attractions where tourists can go on a wild safari, night camping, and forest trails. A major part of the beaches on the west coast comes under the National Park areas. Thus, they are the neatest and clean beaches in Thailand. Krabi Town is now the hub for nightlife. It is a wanderlust place for people who do not wish to tour Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya. It is why; Krabi is a family-friendly place to take a tour in Thailand. Since 2010, the Krabi natives have been building eco-friendly tourist infrastructures to promote Eco-tourism. Thus, Krabi resorts are one of the finest for family accommodation once in the Krabi family tour package. Families with kids must visit the Hat Noppharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park. It is a marine park where you can see the colorful beauties of marine life in crystal clear sea waters. Apart from rainforest cover, some parts of this National park have scenic evergreen limestone cliffs adjoining the beach and seawater. It would help if you visited Ko Lanta National Park for sea diving. You will get the vast opportunity to see the coral life inside the limestone caves submerged under the seawater. It would be best to visit Khao Phanom Bencha National Park in Krabi to see the engulfing milky HuaiTo Waterfall and Huai Sakhe Falls by hiking in the forest. You and your kids will be in the virgin rainforest.

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Adventure couples must try the Khao Phanom Bencha mountain peak trek. It is a multi-day trekking trail that you will enjoy in the deep virgin rainforest. Visit Khao Pheung to see the mind-blowing stalactites and stalagmites in hidden caves. It is the best National Park to see the native wildlife of Thailand and includes some Biome species of South East Asia. Hiking with streams of flowing water, a chill environment, and an evergreen virgin forest will make you feel like you are in and wild orchid. You will be excited to see the native floras, special plants, and trees of this National Park. The greenery trees can see here are bamboo trees, Calamus palms, Dipterocarpus alatus, Lagerstroemia, Magnolia champaca, Parkia speciosa, takian, and teak trees. The funa species you can see here are black bear, clouded leopard, langur, Lar gibbon, mouse deer, stump-tailed macaque, Sumatran serow, and tapir. The bird species are argus pheasant, endangered Gurney's pitta, helmeted hornbill, white-crowned hornbill, and white-rumped shama. Book your Krabi honeymoon tour package online at and get lost in Mother Nature. Krabi is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations to land in Thailand. Visit Ao Nang to enjoy your honeymoon in one of the best resort tourism in Krabi. They are honeymoon-friendly with beachfront resorts. Thus, relax on the white sandy beach and sea cliffs and swim in the silent, clear sea waters. Take a long-tail boat ride and see the stunning beauty of Phi Phi Island from Krabi. Enjoy a day trip by kayaking and island hopping together. Go near the huge vertical limestone cliffs standing amidst the shallow seawater. Do snorkeling and see the coral life underneath the crystal clear seawater. If you are interested in sea diving, book them prior to exploring underwater marine attractions. Visit Ko Phi Phi Don to relax in the beach resort. It is one of the nearby islands of Krabi provinces to visit on a honeymoon tour. Visit the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi to see the lush green beauty from an elevated height. You will also view the vastness of the Andaman Sea. Take her to a party during the nightlife in Krabi town. It is a couples-friendly place to go in bars and pubs. Dine authentic, fresh sea foods in street food vendors, restaurants, and hotels where you stay. Visit Krabi night market to buy some authentic Thai souvenirs. Krabi is visited by married and unmarried couples throughout the season. It is advisable to come here under a Krabi tour package for couples to explore Krabi beaches and island hopping. Railay is a hidden place to visit by privacy-seeking couples. The adventure-seeking rock climbers visit this island during the peak tourist season. The rest of the time, it is filled with unmarried and married couples. In today's online dating trends, Krabi is chosen as one of the safe and most secure places to visit by online dating sites. You will find such couples as normal tourists. Yet, there are no disturbances from them as they prefer to stay away from other tourists as they come here for leisure tours. They spend their days in bubs, partying, and at the beach. During the night, they stay in remote cottages and resorts for privacy. You can reach Krabi from Phuket by boat and from Bangkok via road and rail. Yet, Phuket and Bangkok have daily flights to reach Krabi. The prefered season to visit Krabi is from October to April. Krabi promotes Eco-tourism. Thus avoid plastic bags and other items made of plastics. A weeklong tour is the best to visit its scenic sea beaches, islands, National Parks, and nightlife in Krabi. It is not crowded like other major tourist places in Thailand.

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Krabi and Koh samaui

Krabi 2 Nights - Koh Samui 3 Nights Starting ₹18,900/-

Phuket and Krabi

Phuket and Krabi

Phuket 3 Nights - Krabi 2 Nights Starting ₹16,100/-

Phuket Krabi and Bangkok

Phuket Krabi and Bangkok

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What to see and Do in Krabi

Krabi is one of the most congregated states of the Southern Thailand. It is one of the most relaxing places on the planet. Krabi is the excellent holiday destination for those looking for a relaxing area in southern Thailand. It also have wide range of islands across its 150km-long coast line and all the islands have unique beauty in their own way. Some are covered with white sands, and some are having dominating forests as their boundaries.

What Kind of Traveller are You

When you are visiting to Krabi, it does not matter that whether you are peaceful lover or fun seeker. Whether you want to shout aloud at river rafting or just keep your mind concentrated on one single lonely road. But whatever you want to do on your trip, we are ready to provide you the same. We will assure you if you took a package with us so we gave 100% to make this trip unforgettable for you.

Where to Stay in Krabi

And now the question is rising in our mind after deciding the place is where we will stay during our trip? What is that location? Is it safe for family or there are well arrangements for us? So we are giving you a believe you that we are providing top levl facility to you because we can understand the meaning of Comfort. We work on your whole trip to make it worth for you according to your other tours.

Where to Shop

When you are going out of your town for a holiday trip, a business trip, family trip or whatever any other trip, the first thing is in our mind that we have to shop for our lover, family, and friends from that destination place. So Krabi is very rich town in shopping criteria. There is a huge variety of dresses, show piece items, handmade products, beach side products and many others.

Where to Eat

Where to eat is also a very heavy and worthy question we will ask to our traveler planner as we are paying for food and food is the most important thing in the whole trip. Without a delicious .food, no one can enjoy the Trip. So Krabi has a collection of tasty food and specially sea side food because they are easily available and all the sheifs are local residents of here, due to this they have a deep knowledge about it.

How to reach Krabi

If your whole plan is about to done and the final step is Method of reaching is in front of you. So we are reminding you about our Krabi Tour Package, where you can get a luxury treatment from our supervisors. You can choose any mean of transport as by air, water or road. It depend to you what you like, and how comfortable you are with your Journey. We just wishing you all the best for your trip.

About Krabi Tour Package

This is the time in which people find out new destinations for celebrating their new year. Yes! its new year tour time and you all need to spend some quality time with your loved once. But finding a new destination is not a tough task anymore as we are here for you to do all your task. So before planning a better trip, first lets know about the best places to go and activities to do in this winter season.

Yes winter is on peak and n this cold weather, we should need complete details of places where we can enjoy without any issue and health concern. So lets start the counting of places to enjoy in this weather in Krabi:

Phi-Phi Island: In this huge island, you can easily perform snorkeling activity which is very best activity to forget about the weather and enjoy your life. They can do rock climbing there and see beautiful views from top of the valley.

Tiger Cave Temple: This temple is very famous among visitors and this is the reason that this temple has a huge number of visitors in all time season. The another name of this place is Wat Tham Suea.

Krabi Elephant Sanctuary: If you want to see big, small and white elephants in thailand then you must visit Krabi Elephant Sanctuary which is the best elephant sanctuary in the whole city.

Ao Nang: As we all know that thailand is famous for all type of message and people comes here for enjoying this feeling. If you really want to feel this message then come here. This place has so many message but Boossabakorn Deluxe spa is highly recommended for all people from our side.

Now we have decided places for sightseeing or visiting but the activities are still pending. As per us, if you did not perform activities while your vacation, then you did not enjoying your vacation in proper manner. Now, lets learn about best activities where we can go and enjoy a beautiful weekend:

Rock Climbing: we all know this is the evergreen activity which makes all visitors happy and exited while their whole trip. This experience is amazing and no one can explain this in words. And for rock climbing, Railay Beach is the best option.

Scuba Diving: We all had a deep wish to see the under water world and in krabi, you can see this world with very nominal charges. You will see different kind of fishes and water animals and can feel their life too. This is completely safe as our trainee also take tour with you and guide you about everything.

Thai Message: Every non-thai person has a deep desire that they can get a erotic and relieving message from a female therapist. The experience experts and the environment makes it memorable and amazing for everyone.

After providing all details about everything related to this place including destinations and activities we just want you to come and enjoy your weekend. So before planning a trip, call our executive on our toll-free number and get all necessary information from experts. Now just pack your bag and wrote all wishes on a slip which you want to complete. Handover this list to us and we will surely make all arrangements as per it.