Where to Eat in Pattaya

Where to Eat in Pattaya

(1). Indian Restaurants

As we all are Indians and if we are going to visit pattaya, so somewhere on some points, we miss our country very badly. And this point is food as we did not get our mother food in any other country. But friends you don’t need to be worry as parbhat travelling offers you details of some special Indian hotels in pattaya so that you can eat whatever you want to eat. Some of popular restaurants were Tarka House Restaurant, Tarka House Restaurant, Imli Grill, Zaika Indian Restaurant, Mantra Restaurant & Bar and many other famous restaurants. So now just eat your favorite Indian dish and enjoy.

(2). Thai Restaurants

Well when you go to a new place or a new country, so you get so many details about that culture and you learn so many things from that place. And Food is also one of these learnable things. When you are coming to the beautiful world, you should try some of the famous dishes of Thailand so that you can enjoy the taste of food of this city. Some of famous thai restaurants were here and they were like Tequila Reef Cantina, Cafe des Amis Fine Dining, Moonlight Fine Dining and some another. SO just come here and enjoy the taste of Thailand.

(3). Budget Restaurants

If you love to eat all type of food items whether it is Indian dish or thai dish, so you will surely get an amazing deal here. And if you are very much concentrated about your food and health and also very much concern about your budget, so we have an offer for you. Here we are having a list of some restaurants where you can get amazing discounts and best meal at very reasonable prices for you and your family. And these hotels are like Taj View Indian Restaurant and Bar, Jasmin's cafe, BRONX PIZZA. Just come here and enjoy your food with your loved ones.

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