Where to Stay in Pattaya

Where to Stay in Pattaya

(1). Pattaya Beach

What is your reaction if you wake up in the morning and see that you are at the beach side and enjoying there in your beach suit? Yes we know that you will surely get surprised and also you will be very happy at the same time. So we are making your this dream come true. Pattaya beach is not just a beach, its more then it. Its gives you so much beautiful and amazing views for your pictures, and you are very much blessed to get some activities to play here with your family, children or your partner. This place is just a beautiful beach.

(2). Jomtien Beach

Jom Tien is one of the brilliant beaches of pattaya. This beach is placed on the east coast of the golf of Thailand. And you know this place is known as Chom Tian. Even there are many road sings and maps also indicating this place with that name. The whole jomtien beach is just very fantastic and this place is included with so many attractions to see and visit. There are so many activities in which you can take part and also so many beach restaurants where you can enjoy your meal and do something fun. So we just suggest you to visit this place once with your friends, partner, family or lover.

(3). Naklua Beach

Every place is beautiful in its own and every beach is having some unique specification. Naklua is one of these high rated or you can say that well popular beaches of Pattaya where people wants to come and enjoy. The Naklua beach is perfect choice for anyone as this place is having everything. An attractive location, wide area, activities to attracts people and many more another things. The beach is not making you feel happy but it also make you feel very relax and you can get a peaceful vacation on this beach with your loved ones. So just book your trip and never forget to visit and enjoy on this beach.

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