How to Reach Pattaya

How to Reach Pattaya

(1). By Fligh

It is very easy to reach here Pattaya from any mean of transport as this place is very much connected to all other places. And if you want to talk to Clouds, so you should take flight for making your imaginations come true. So U-Tapao Airport is the nearest Airport for you in pattaya and it is located 30km away from pattaya. And there is another airport available for you and it is known as Suvarnabhumi Airport. It was located 120 km away from pattaya and very much close to Bangkok. So in which flight you are comfortable you can opt that option.

(2). By Road

As you know that pattaya is located 147km away from the city Bangkok and it will takes around 2 hours to reach there. On the eastern Bus Terminal of Bangkok, people can find the suitable bus for their travels along with their family and friends. Eastern bus terminal is known as Ekamai and Northern Bus terminal Is known as Mochit. So if you want to enjoy the road side trip and want to get all the fun, so you should visit this place by road mean. We are sure that you are fully prepared and satisfied with it as you have choose this mean of transport.

(3). By Ferry

If you want to take a ride within the water and enjoy your trip, so you can take the method of Ferry for reaching Bangkok. Well you don’t need to be worry for the safety as we are here available for you. You can take a trip to all cities of Bangkok in this ferry. It is an amazing feeling that you are going on a trip and in that trip you are enjoying the ride of ferry. People love to take rides by ferry. So just come and enjoy this type of ride while your trip to Bangkok.

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