Temples in Pattaya

Temples in Pattaya

God is everywhere as we all know and with that thought we will find them anywhere around us. And if you are talking about the trip places, there are also a magic of god that he will be there for you. And when you are visiting in Pattaya, so it is very good to see something spirituals like temple. There are so many temples have been placed in pattaya and some of them were like ISKON pattaya temple, Wat Phra Yai and many other. You will surely feel very happy to see the Gurudwaya in pattaya with the name Shri Guru Singh Sabha Pattaya.

(1). Wat Phra Yai

(2). ISKCON Pattaya Temple

(3). Wat Chai Mongkon

(4). Sanctuary of Truth

(5). Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha Pattaya (Sikh Temple)

(6). Kali temple at Pattaya

(7). Wat Huai Yai

(8). Wat Bunkanchanaram

(9). Wat Sawangfapruettaram

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