Where to Shop in Bangkok

Where to Shop in Bangkok

(1). Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is very much enjoying and memory gaining market for you all. This market is also known as JJ Market. You know this market is very much near to all other visiting places so that you can easily come here and do a great shopping for yourself and your loved ones. The whole market is covering around 35 acres of space and there are total 27 sections in the whole market. And more than 10,000 shops are places within it. It means you are getting a huge variety of items. Thai handicrafts, handmade products, clothing, accessories, arts and painting, house decorations, households, souvenirs and gifts, pets, plants and book are mainly available here.

(2). Floating Market

Have you ever listen about a floating market? No I know you never ever heard about this type of market. But friends this is real market in Bangkok. A market in which you have to buy things and items with in the water. It means people sells you things from a boat. This is the main attraction of tourist and they are very excited to know about the life of these sellers. The main aim of Bangkok tourism is give details to the customers about the culture of riverside shopping in Bangkok. So just visit this floating market and buy so many things for yourself.

(3). Road fai Market

Road fai market is one of the sweetest and modern market in the whole Bangkok. This Rot Fai Market is located on Srinakarin Soi 51, just behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall. This place is very near to all places and mostly all of the driver are know about this place. The looks and beauty of this place is can’t describe in words. You know if you ever come to this place, we can bet you that you will refuse to go your home from this place. The area is very large where you can shop many things from here.

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