Where to Eat in Bangkok

Where to Eat in Bangkok

(1). Issaya Siamese Club Restaurant

When you are going to out of your city for some days, so one of the main things which clicks in your mind many times and thing is – Is you get your favorite food there? Are you able to get the same taste of your dish and many other questions. Bit dear friends, you don’t need to be worry as you are going with Parbhat Travels. There are so many restaurants where you can get your food with a delicious taste. Issaya Siamese Club is one of these high rated places for your enjoying your day and a tasty food.

(2). Bunker Restaurant

Bunker Bangkok restaurant is a modern American cuisine in the silom. The place is so beautiful which attracts the visitors and tourist love to take a lunch on this place. The place is very much big and modern in looks and the food is very much delicious. You can get the taste of whole Europe in this single restaurant as the team is completing all the food needs of yours. We just make a suggestion to you that ones you reach Bangkok, you must go and take a lunch or dinner in this bunker. You will surely feel an amazing happiness after get a meal here.

(3). Le Du Restaurant

Its hard to imagine life without food and when you are in Bangkok it is really hard to control. well when its come to eat something tasty, we all are very curious about the food taste. We all want scrumptous and healthy food in a budget. And le du restaurant is one of the best place to explore and taste delicacies in Bangkok. the restaurant has been delivering the best varieties and also been an attraction as tourists come here from far flung areas. so now you have to decide that where you have to come for enjoying your trip.

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