Where to Eat in Phuket

Where to Eat in Phuket

(1). Indian Restaurants

When we goes out of our town, our home so this is always revolves in our mind that which type of food we will get on that new place? Is there any availability of that food which is comfortable for me? Is I am happy with the new taste or new dishes? And many more questions were clicking on our mind. And when we are going to phuket so you should not think about all these points as there are so many Indian restaurants where you will get the food of your taste. So if you come here so do not forget to eat in your favorite dish in the different city.

(2). Thai Restaurants

And when you are coming to a new place there is always a curiosity about the food taste of that city. So for removing this issue, we are bringing some of the best thai restaurants for where you will get a perfect taste of that food item. There are so many thai restaurants which are giving you a tasty food items in thai taste and some of these places are baan Rip Pa hotel which is placed in patong, Blue elephant Governor’s Mansion phuket restaurant which is the perfect place for a traveler to enjoy the food of Thailand.

(3). Budget Restaurants

And if you are comfortable with both the taste of India and Thailand, but you have to do a main focus on your budget. So you don’t need to be worry as we are also providing you a list of budgeted restaurants where you can enjoy the food at very affordable price. Some good budget having restaurants were like break point hotel and restaurant in patong. Panaeng curry and Pineapple Fried Rice were best here. The sweet restaurant, Song pee Nong 2 were some other famous places to go for an amazing and tastiest food.

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