Manali Tour Package

Manali Tour - A Holiday in the Beautiful Hill Station

Manali is a beautiful destination for spending a bless-full time with your loved once. People love to come in the hill station and enjoy their personal time with their personal squad. Manali is placed in the northern part of Himachal Pradesh. It is the perfect destination if someone wants to entertain them-self with the new places and adventures. It is situated near the Beas River and it is providing a hub centre for the skiing lover. People came here from far places only to view the adventure and places of this place. The shopping is the main attraction of this place as people come and purchase so many things from the manali and enjoy the market. The whole market is dressed up beautifully and ready to attract every person who comes to view the Manali's beauty. If the User wants to come here and enjoy the best moments of their life, they can direct contact with the support team of Manali tour and travels. Users will get complete facilities and protection during their trip to manali - a land of beauty and love. We advise you to do not take a long time for thinking just pack the bag and ready for the upcoming adventure which surely makes your life amazing and happy.

Delhi Manali Volvo Tour

Delhi Manali Volvo Tour

3 Nights & 4 Days Delhi ,Manali ,Rohtang Pass ,Delhi INR 5999/- per person

Shimla Manali Romantic

Shimla Manali Romantic

6 Nights & 7 Days Delhi ,Shimla ,Kufri ,Manali ,Rohtang Pass ,Delhi INR 14200 per person

Lavish Shimla & Manali

Lavish Shimla & Manali

5 Nights & 6 Days Delhi ,Shimla ,Kufri ,Manali ,Rohtang Pass ,Chandigarh INR 12,299 per person

Romantic Himachal Honeymoon

Romantic Himachal Honeymoon

6N & 7D Chandigarh ,Shimla ,Kullu Manali ,Manikaran ,Chandigarh Price On inquiry

Discover Ladakh by Bike

Discover Ladakh by Bike

9 Nights & 10 Days Manali ,Jispa ,Sarchu ,Leh ,Khardung La ,Leh ,Pangong Lake ,Manali Price On inquiry

Majestic Ladakh with Himachal

Majestic Ladakh Himachal

11 Nights & 12 Days Delhi ,Leh ,Sarchu ,Jispa ,Manali ,Shimla ,Delhi Price On inquiry

Himachal with Kasauli

Himachal with Kasauli

6 Nights & 7 Days Delhi ,Kasauli ,Chail ,Shimla ,Naldhera ,Manali ,Delhi Price On inquiry

Adventure Himachal tour

Adventure Himachal tour

8 Nights & 9 Days Chandigarh ,Manali ,Jispa ,Sarchu ,Leh ,Khardungla ,Leh Delhi Price On inquiry

Himachal Skiing Tour

Himachal Skiing Tour

4 Nights and 5 Days Manali ,Solang Valley ,Manali ,Gulaba ,Sethan Village ,Manali Price On inquiry

What to see and Do in Manali

Manali is a stunning hilltop with a lots of beauty in itself. There are purest river, water stream and attractive mountains which can easily force someone to spend their whole life here. This is a perfect adventures spot for fun seeker. You can take experience of mountaineering, trekking, river rafting, rock climbing and skiing.

What Kind of Traveller are You

What kind of traveler you are is the first question when you are searching for a trip. Sometimes we also don’t know about our traveler taste. So it is very important that we should take care of our taste as we are going to Manali, a planned destination for lovers, friends.

Where to Stay in Manali

If you are travelling to Manali with your partner, Friends or family, the most important thing is where you are staying? Because if you are out of your town with our Manali tour package, so your safety and security is our priority. There are lots of places for you where you feel very comfortable and we arrange all these places according to you.

Where to Shop

Are you fed up with your office life by doing the same things on daily basis? Are yu depressed by dumping your partner? Are you argued with your family and now want some peace? If you are ultra happy and want to celebrate this happiness. You top the class and want to give a treat to your friends? Manali in the one and only one answer for your all questions. If you are happy as well as sad, Manali is perfect destination for you. And if we are here talking about Shopping, so no words need for its description.

How to Reach Manali

Manali is a destination of all of your dream holidays. Everyone wants to visit Manali hills for enjoying their best moments of life but many of them are still confused about the route of Manali.

About Manali Tour Package

In the state of Himachal Pradesh there is a small ancient town Manali. Enveloped by huge mountain peaks at an arm’s length, Manali is quite popular among tourists a favorite hill station and a great weekend escapade destination. Manali is hunted by the tourists for the close proximity of snowline it houses. There are many facets of Manali – a flourishing orchard industry, an ideal honeymoon spot, a perfect holiday destination and immaculate place for adventure sports. Manali, 'Home of Manu' is a sacred place and Hindus treat the temples located here as pilgrimage.

Manali Tourist Attractions

Manali is frequented by many travelers for the famous tourist sites of Manali. Sightseeing in Manali would take the travelers to:

* Hidimba Devi Temple, Hadimba or Dhungiri temple in Manali is one of the most significant temples here. Located in the middle of a forest, Dhungiri Van Vihar, this four story wooden temple is a real pleasure to see.
* Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa dominates the Tibetan region in Manali. Built in 1960s, the Gompa is covered with brightly colored frescoes and a mid size Buddhist statute.
* Gulaba Camp is ideal for picnics, sightseeing and photography.
* Manali Sanctuary is perfect for Manali wildlife experience.
* Temple of Manu can be reached by crossing slippery stones paths leading through the old village.

Adventure sports of Manali

Manali is not only about temples and picnic spots. Here the adventure buffs can rejuvenate through a wide range of exciting adventure sports. Adventure tours in Manali are best guided by The Mountaineering Institute located at Manali that provides training facilities for basic and advance climbing both for Indian nationals and foreigners.

Besides, you can enjoy a number of things to do in Manali like

• High altitude trekking
• Minor mountaineering
• Rock Climbing
• Skiing
• Rafting
• Para gliding

Fairs and Festivals of Manali

Fairs and festivals in Manali are a matter of happiness and treat. Enjoying local culture at these times is a must for the travelers. Though the region celebrates almost all Indian festivals, but prominently celebrated is the Winter Carnival. Come February and the region gets alive with adventure sports and most significantly Heli Skiing.

Best Reasons Why Manali is a Perfect Vacation Venue

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A jewel in the crown of the picturesque North Indian state Himachal Pradesh, Manali is a hill station that allures visitors with its diversity. Scenic beauty certainly comes first, in terms of Manali's characteristics, but that is not the only reason why Manali remains crowded almost in every season. There are lot of places to explore, things to do and activities to perform in Manali and its scenic surroundings. One can choose from simple relaxation, sight-seeing, adventure sports and pilgrimage. Manali actually offers a complete vacation package to suit people of all age groups and that's the reason it is being chosen over many other picturesque spots in North India as a vacation venue.

If excitement and adrenaline rush are your preference, Manali is the perfect venue for you. Best places to visit in Manali include a number of sites for adventure sports. White water rafting over the rapidly flowing Beas would be an activity you would surely enjoy.

Rohtang Pass is one of the major highlights of Manali tourism. Apart from its stunning scenic beauty, Rohtang Pass offers grand scopes for activities like Skiing and sledging. Thick layers of snow over the surface of the white valley would surely allure you to indulge in snowball fighting and snowman making.

What could be more exciting than taking a flight over the snow covered valley slopes. That's exactly what you can do at Rohtang Pass, in the form of paragliding. Experience professionals are there to take you on this flight of fantasy over the breathtaking landscape of Rohtang and the stunning surroundings.

Rock climbing is another exciting activity that you can perform at Manali. Several companies offer guided rock climbing trips which are perfect for beginners. Stretching, jumping and climbing over the rough terrains of the Himalayas is truly thrilling.

You or senior members of your group might prefer plain rest and relaxation in their trip. Manali, with its absolute serenity and scenic beauty offers a peaceful ambience that helps the mind to relax. For relaxation of your body, you can make a trip to the hot water springs of Manali. The springs deliver hot sulpher water which is helpful for relaxation of muscles and curing of skin diseases.

If you are travelling with your grandpa and grandmom, Manali is a suitable spot for your family. You can take them for a visit to the Hidimba temple, which is dedicated to Hidimba Mata, a powerful female character in the epic Mahabharata. A trip to the beautiful and historic Buddhist monasteries would also be very satisfactory for them. If you are planning a trip during the Pujas or Dasshera, include Manali in your trip because Kullu Dusshera is a one of the most famous religious festivals in the state. It's a parade of the deities and a very colorful show.

How about giving yourself a traditional Manali look? Many tourist spots in Manali offer scopes to dress up in traditional folk costume and take photographs. Efficient and fast photographers deliver photographs within minutes.

For nature lovers, staring at the glaciers of Solang Valley is a great treat for the eyes. Solang Valley is one of the best places to visit in Manali India and is famous for offering grand views of of the snow-clad mountains. Forom here you can reach the Ski point by taking a ride in the ski lift.

You may also opt to stay in the town and explore its old corners. Old Manali introduces visitors to its traditional architecture and heritage. Besides, there are many restaurants, bars and cafes where you can enjoy time. Last but not the least is taste of fresh fruits, which grow in plenty at the valley. The red apples are among the highlights of Manali.

Manali – the most Camera-Ready Community in Himachal

Thanks to an alpine location within arms of mighty Himalaya and its rich colonial past, Manali makes a perfect holiday to travelers of all natures. Superb natural splendors, mesmeric colonial architectures, soothing climate and throbbing adventures; a Manali tour boasts an array of attractions to savor and hence gives you a complete travel satisfaction.

Spend some time in Manali, and you realize that ‘Charming’ and ‘olde-worlde’ aren’t just adjectives; they are the regular course of conduct. Picture-perfect views, suspended-in-time charms and salubrious weather make this mountainous town a favorite hunt for those searching for the most camera-ready communities on the planet. Keep a week or more in spare to explore this lovely hill station, and max out your camera’s memory cards with incredibly enchanting moments.

Nestled in the lap of mighty Himalaya at northern end of Kullu Valley, Manali is more than just a beautiful hill station. A unique tranquility at scenic hill is what that makes Manali beloved to romantic couples; amazing wooden cottages, ancient temples and gorgeous medieval architectures give it an esthetic look worth exploring if you have sense of history & cultures. Manali is a functioning town, with residents keeping its local industries alive. People here are warm & friendly and always happy to clue you into the best photo opportunity. Truly, this place is a traveler’s paradise, where one can enjoy a holiday in the bliss of nature.

Manali has a vast selection of tourist attractions, and serves to be a perfect holiday spot for every mood. The shimmering River Beas with the brawny Himalaya at backdrop presents gorgeous views, which really soothe one’s eyes and senses. Also, crystal clear water of the river boats a range exciting activities such as rappelling, river crossing, rafting, fishing and swimming. You love natural beauty with quite surrounding, head on to Jogini Waterfall. Panoramic views and excellent opportunity for gentle trekking make this place worth visiting. Besides this, Rohtang Pass, Beas Kund, Jana Falls and Hidimba Devi Mandir and Van Vihar Natonal Park are some premium attractions of a Manali tour. With an elevation of about 6400ft, Manali attracts a large number of trekkers and skiers too.

Being a premium tourist spot, Manali boasts excellent accommodations to cater almost every lifestyle and budget. Every year, thousands of tourists – particularly domestic Indian travelers and honeymoon couples – take package tour to Manali and enjoy a fun-filled holiday in this gorgeous town. To provide them their desired lodging facilities, the city presents a wide range of accommodation options. From five-star hotels & resorts to budget-friendly guesthouses & inns, one can find various options to choose from. Searching online, you can find a deal that perfectly match your profile.

A Manali trip offers excellent opportunities for shoppers and food lovers too. You can shop till you drop, as lively markets here offer a wide selection of goods at lucrative prices. A range of restaurants in Manali provide quality dining with various continental and international dishes in varied price range. Nowadays, a variety of Manali packages are available in market. Consider you want you need and how much you can spend on well in advance, to get your most suited deal online.

4 Things to Do in Manali in Summer Holidays

A Manali tour package brings a myriad of opportunities for travelers to enjoy an exciting and unforgettable holidays. The beautiful hill station is located in the Himachal Pradesh state at an altitude of around 6,726 feet’s. It is known for its subtropical highland climate, which brings loads of people here during summers. The snowfall during the winter season covers the town in a white hue that again attracts a crowd of tourists. Four essential things to do by picking Kullu Manali tour packages are sightseeing, road journey to Leh, trekking and paragliding.


Sightseeing is among the best things to engage in within and near the hill station. Hadimba Devi temple, which stands in the middle of a deodar forest atop a hill, is the main attraction in the town. Though a Hindu shrine, it is shaped like a pagoda - a structure typical to places, where Buddhism is the chief religion. It is known for the intricate carvings of deities on its front wooden door. Vashisht village is a good place to visit with a Manali tour package for therapeutic relaxation. The natural hot springs of the village are said to have been built by Lakshmana - a brother of Lord Rama. There is a temple here that has idols of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita and Lakshmana.


A lot of explorers pick Kullu Manali tour packages to go on incredible hiking expeditions deep in the Himalayas. One of the most popular trekking destinations near the town is Rohtang Pass - the gateway into the Lahaul and Spiti district. To learn about the traditional culture of Himalayan people, hiking can be done to reach the villages of Malana or Bara Bhangal. Kalihani Pass, Thamsar Pass and Bhubhu Pass are some high-altitude paths through the mountains that can also be reached on foot. Two prominent peaks that are reached from the hill station by loads of mountaineers are Patalsu and Deo Tibba. Hiking excursions can also be taken to the glacial ponds of Chhota Chandratal and Bhrigu Lake.

Road Journey to Leh

A fortnightly Manali tour package may include travelling from the town to Leh by road. Such tours are often specialized biking or cycling expeditions that take participants through the changing landscape of the Himalayas. At once the coniferous forests of the Himalayas are taken over by the barren desert of the Ladakh region. After travelling a certain distance each day, explorer’s camp in the wilderness that further adds to the adventure factor. Several mountain passes like Rohtang, Baralacha La, Lachulung La and Taglang La are crossed during the journey. Many sharp bends and switchbacks, most famously at Gata Loops, give riders the ultimate thrill. Also along the way, travellers enjoy an easy and leisurely section of cycling or biking on the flat Morey Plains.


Kullu Manali tour packages may be availed in the summer season to enjoy a round of paragliding. The sport is hosted in the Solang Valley, which is about 32 km from the hill station. Those, who are not experienced or are beginners, can take two or three-day paragliding course. Anyone older than 15 years of age and heavier than 45 kg can enrol in the training programme. It involves a theory session, video representation of the sport and practical. Lessons on various things like launching, navigation, flying styles, handling of equipment, landing, and assessing weather conditions and terrain are given.