Where to Shop in Koh Samui

Where to Shop in Koh Samui

(1). Central Festival Samui

Central Festival Samui is considered as “The Most complete and largest lifestyle shopping complex in Koh Samui”. This is a shopping mall in a resort style, where you can buy anything of your wants and your needs. People generally find this place very amazing and calm for themselves and they enjoyed here a lot. There are so many gaming section for children, so that children love to come here and enjoy their rides and gaming section while their parents are busy to do some shopping for their loves ones. So we are advicing you to come this place ones you come Koh samui.

(2). Samui Hot Club

There are so many people who cannot afford to go and do shopping in Central festival Samui, so for people who are belong to a normal and mid budget having family, Samui hot club Is perfect place for you and your desires. The whole place is very much famous for clothes and shoes in a budgeted range. There are so many rows of clothes and shoes in this market also the whole place is very much interesting for take a long walk in it. So we are just trying to say that You can enjoy a lot when you come here and live some peaceful moment in this club.

(3). Chaweng Walking Street Market

It is very hard to find the things of your need in a good budget and from good place so that thing is having good quality criteria. Well as we know that there are so many street market is available for you, but Chaweng Walking Street market is such a good option for your all needs. A place which is having all the necessary items for yourself in a budget. This place is very amazing and the food of this local street is just delicious. People love to do shopping from this market at the night time and the street food is also do some magic in your mind at the night time and you feel so amazing.

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