Singapore Tour Package

Singapore Tour Package - Singapore is an Enchanting Paradise

Singapore is an Island Nation trending as one of the most luxurious destinations to visit in Southeast Asia. Yes, these are evident from the opening of Marina Bay Sands and its 24/7, 365-days-a-year live casino. Many rich and famous people book this hotel as an inclusive casino and stay in Singapore tour. The Singapore dollar is their currency. Yet, any country with a lower currency value will be a costly tourist place to land. Yet, many international tourists visit here under a cruise ship tour package. But Singapore is worth visiting irrespective of the Singapore tour packages you visit in all seasons. Singapore City tour is what is most taken by global city tour takers. The Gardens by the Bay is a liminous, Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion is the most visited palace on a city tour and among nightlife places. A day trip by walk or taxi is enough to see the fullest of Singapore City. The ride in Singapore Flyer will be a pride to see this city day and night light. You can have the best glittering views of city skyscrapers. The Jewel Changi Airport will be the first attraction to see once you land at this airport. It has been open since 2014, and many tourists first see the indoor waterfall and Rain Vortex in the airport complex. It is the only green airport or an airport with an indoor rain forest. Next, they walk into the shopping venue. You have many shopping places and eateries to taste multi-cuisine foods in one place. You can access to train from this airport is the biggest advantage for tourists. Newly married couples visit here under a Singapore honeymoon tour package. They can choose premium resorts and luxury hotels. Most honeymooners book beachfront accommodations to enjoy the beach and recreational places available for tourists. You can spend time in Palawan Beach. The top 25 Sentosa attractions you must visit are Kidzania, Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom, Wave House Sentosa, Maritime Experiential Museum, Port of Lost Wonder, Resorts World Sentosa, Siloso Beach, Images of Singapore, Sentosa Golf Club, Sentosa Nature Discovery, Fort Siloso, Crane Dance, Dolphin Island Singapore, AJ Hackett Sentosa Bungee Jump, Wings Of Time Sentosa, MegaZip, Singapore Cable Car, Sentosa 4D Adventure Land, Trick Eye Museum, Sentosa Merlion, IFly Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark Singapore, Skyline Luge Sentosa, SEA Aquarium Singapore, and Universal Studios Singapore. It is why Sentosa is the best resort island in this world. It offers unlimited entertainment when you stay and go for rides and recreational activities. Tourists of all ages have their place for recreation. It is not a wonder; it is the main paradise and a wonderland in Singapore. Singapore tour packages for couples are most booked in all seasons. No one asks if you are married or not once on the Singapore tour. You can book hotel accommodations, resort stays and even luxury beachfront hotels. The best places to visit by young couples are Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Flyer, Singapore Botanic Garden, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Siloso Beach and Tanjong Beach are the best to visit by couples to enjoy partying day and night. You can taste a variety of foods available in beachfront restaurants. Almost all beaches of Singapore are couples-friendly. Nearly 9% of the Singaporean population is Indians. They are mostly Tamilians from Tamil Nadu State, India. They still visit their relatives and family members living there under a Singapore family tour package. They book a one-month tour, see their relatives, and see Singapore attractions. Tamil people from Chennai International Airport (MAA) are the most booked flight tickets to Singapore from India. You must know Tamil is one of the official languages of Singapore.

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Most Tamil cinemas have Singapore city as backdrops. It is evident from 1978, when a Tamil film named Priya, Akkarai seemai azhaginile song was shoot there. Most Tamil films have Singapore landmarks as shooting spots from then to today. It is how Tamil people visit most of India as tourists and for filming. Nearly 50% of the ex-pats are Tamil people in Singapore. People from Tamil Nadu travel there and establish tourism-related businesses like the opening franchise of Branded Tamil restaurants, hotels and retailing businesses. Today, they book weekend getaway tours from Chennai to Singapore. Most Singapore direct and connecting flights are full during the weekends, Deepawali, Pongal and Tamil New year Day. The best family and kids-friendly places to visit once in Singapore are River Wonders, National Gallery Singapore, Singapore Flyer, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Merlion, Esplanade, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. The Singapore Botanic Gardens are the only UNESCO World Heritage Site on Singapore Island. These are lush green places to visit in this developed Island nation. Almost all tourist places have eateries and accommodations. Thus, you can stay and enjoy the full attraction. The Sentosa is where you must take your kids to spend a weeklong tour by staying in a family-friendly resort. Your children can enjoy various rides and entertainment here only n this world. Singapore's best and peak tourist season is from March to September. Yet, tourists and honeymooners willing to enjoy monsoon rain must travel here in-between November to February. Being in the tropical rainforest climatic zone, Singapore experiences moderate weather throughout the season. The average temperature is 23°C to 32°C. Yet, being an island country, the humidity during the day is above 70%. Singapore coordinates are 1°17′ North and 103°50′ East. This island nation is just below a few degrees from the equator. Singapore is a tourist-friendly place in Southeast Asia. It is the 6th most visited place on this globe by tourists. Since 2018, the number of international tourists visiting here has been treble than their national population. It is esteemed that in 2022, it will cross 20 million tourists by New Year's Eve 2022. Book a Singapore tour package online to get some discounts and offers. Check Parbhat Travel's timely deals and offers for Singapore tours from India. You can book a custom tour by them if you do not have much about Singapore.

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What to see and Do in Singapore

As we all know that Singapore is a beautiful city with so much blessed places to visit and explore. We are giving you some details of places where you can visit and see something attractive with your friends, family and loved once. You can enjoy the fun of beach on sentosa beach by playing scuba diving, snorkeling and biking. NUS museum is one of very good place to visit for history. If you want to see parks, so The Garden City is the best place or you. Activities like golfing, surfing, scuba diving, even ice skating and snow skiing has been done here.

What Kind of Traveller are You

Well there are many types of traveler with their different taste in our world but you don’t need to be worry as Singapore is a perfect match for you. Singapore is always welcoming you by opening their doors to you. This place does not have any issue that what type of food do you like, what type of markets in which you want to shop or what activities you want to do. All of the activities, places you will feel a superb feeling of love and attraction. All type of traveler like this city very much.

Where to Stay in Singapore

Singapore is very much good city in all abdicates ad manners, so we does not want to be worry about the staying here. And the other plus point is we are connected with parbhat travels, who never want us to be in any issue. They helps us in all of our situation whether good or bad. So they have arranged some best places to stay in this unique city with all the facilities. Clean rooms, wifi-having rooms, parking facility, food serving facilities were given to you by the team.

Where to Shop

Shopping in Singapore is the best idea ever as you can get whatever you want to get here. The structure of market is so attractive as you will fall in love with the market. As we all know that females love to do shopping but it does not mean that men dislike doing shopping. They also love to do shopping for their family, friends and loved ones. Mostly people come here to buy the Coins as coins were very much famous there. People buy coins of Gold, Silver, purple, green, red, blue and many other precious gems. Besides that Books, camera, Contemporary designs, fabric, peranakan goods were on the top demand here.

How to Reach Singapore

After clearing all the doubts about the trip, the last question arise in our mind is How we can reach to this beautiful city. And the answer is very good as you can reach here by any of your choice. You can reach here by airlines or you can opt road for reaching at this best place. If you want to complete your journey with car or bus, so you can also do the same. And remember that at every part or every level, parbhat travels is helping you in every field of your trip.

FAQs on Singapore tour

1. Which is the best way to take Singapore City tour?

Singapore City tour will be inclusive of any category of Singapore tour package. Yet, Singapore City is easy to explore by walking and hiring world-class public modes of transportation. The best or most popular way is by taking the Hop-on Hop-off bus pass. It is a modern bus specially meant to cater to Singapore City tours on an open rooftop double décor bus. It is best for solo women tourists, groups, and families to take a Singapore City tour day and night.

2. Is Singapore City worth visiting to spend nightlife?

Yes, Singapore City ranks 2nd after New York City among the best nightlife place in this world. Its bars and nightclubs come under the top 50 bars in this world. The Clarke Quay, Club Street – Chinatown, Gardens by the Bay, Geylang, Holland Village, Marina Bay Sands, Orchard Road, Rooftop Bars in the city, Sentosa Beach Bars, and Zouk are worth visiting even for the unmarried coming here under a Singapore tour package for couple.

3. Why do Tamilians from South India most visit Singapore?

Many fishers and sea traders from Tamil Nadu have settled their by travelling via sea. Their decedents still visit Tamil Nadu and Singapore, vice-versa during Pongal, Diwali, and any family functions. The newly married people travel in a Singapore honeymoon tour package and visit their relatives too. Others visit their Singapore relatives on a Singapore tour.

4. Is Singapore City the best to visit on Christmas and New Year's Eve?

Yes, multi-cultural people live in Singapore City. Thousands of people from South and Southeast Asian countries, Europe, northwestern parts of Australia, and the USA travel here under a Singapore tour package for couples and in a weeklong Singapore City tour category. Most of the people come here to see the fireworks on New Year's Eve at Marina Bay Sands.

5. Is Singapore a safe country to take a tour in Southeast Asia?

Singapore is one of the Islamic countries in Southeast Asia. Thus, a Singapore tour package for a couple of unmarried people is the best to book in an all-inclusive one. It will include your hotel accommodation. It is the best way to avoid questions like, are you married or show your marriage certificate in the hotels owned by Muslims?

6. Is Singapore Airlines worth booking for a Singapore tour from India?

Not only from India, will anyone traveling by Singapore Airlines find a vast difference from the other airliners serving luxury? A traveler in the economy, business, and luxurious class will find one of the best comforts and hospitality served inside the flight by a beautiful Singaporean air hostess. They serve top-class food and drinks for passengers. Singapore honeymoon tour package with luxury is the best to book a suit in this plane.

7. Is Singapore International Airport worth exploring by tourists?

Yes, Singapore International Airport has topped the list of airports worldwide for many reasons over the past two decades. It has world-class tourist facilities and amenities serving 24/7, 365-days a year, like hotels, restaurants, massage, and shopping on the airport premises. All you will do this in the world's first airport to have artificial waterfalls and the airport premises itself look like a rain forest. Tourists of all ages in a Singapore tour package will be something of their interested in this airport.

8. From where can I exchange currency for Singapore tour from India?

Singapore’s currency is Singaporean Dollars. Thus, it is advisable to have liquid cash in hand in Singapore Dollars beforehand while on a Singapore tour package. A very few hotels, restaurants and shopping malls accepts credit/debit cards. Such electronic payments are the best to use in Singapore City. It is advisable to carry cash when you go to visit Singapore places to visit in small islands and remote places.

9. Is Gardens by the Bay worth visiting in Singapore?

Yes, all Singapore honeymoon tour packages, couples, groups and families include this nature park. It is worth visiting in day and night and sees how beautiful it looks. It is a eye soothing and a cool place to visit in all seasons. Exploring this park in a half day trip is the best to enjoy the full attractions of this park. All major landmark high-raise buildings are visible from this park.

10. Is giving tips by tourists a must in Singapore tour?

Tipping culture is entertained by tourist in Singapore. Yet, if your hotels and restaurants charge a 10 service charge, you need not pay any tips. The Singaporeans follow this policy. Most of the Singapore tour package for a couple pay tips as a pride or status issue. Tourists give tips if they like the hospitality services. Thus, it is up to tourist’s decision to give tips or not. It is not a compulsion for tourists to give tips every where you are served with some sort of hospitality services.

Our Happy Travelers Reviews

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“I am a Tamalian from Madurai, TN. Many of the relatives are settled in Singapore. I do wish to settle there in future. My first idea was to tour Singapore City and see how Singaporeans welcome other cultures people. My Singapore City tour dream came true by M/s Parbhat Travels. Mr Deepak arranged a custom tour plan as I wished to visit our relatives there apart from Singapore City Tour . My family enjoyed the Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, Universal Studio, and Singapore Zoo on day 1. On Day 2, we went shopping and enjoyed the nightlife at Marina Bay Sands and Garden by the Bay. On days 3 to 6, we visited our relatives in Singapore at our cost. On Day 7, we return to Madurai from Singapore."

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“Thank you guys for making our presence in Singapore City on New Year's Eve. It was our dream to enjoy New Year's Eve in global cities around the world. My team personally thanks for arranging a group tour to Singapore at the last moment. Parbhat Travels made A to Z travel arrangements for my daughter's wedding in Singapore City. We are proud of you as you did a great job, better than any Singapore international wedding package . My family members and relatives will approach you further to visit Singapore in future.”

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“It was a daunting task to book a Singapore tour during the peak season. I found that most travel and tour agencies online and offline could not book tickets to Universal studios and Sentosa. I appreciate the patience taken by Parbhat Travels to include Universal studios and Sentosa by booking tickets online on the same week we were planning to travel there. Thanking you once again, my kids will never forget these extravagant amusement places in Singapore City. We booked the Singapore honeymoon tour package on It was a luxury honeymoon tour worthier than its price. Their local tour guide was friendly and did take us to honeymoon-friendly places in Singapore. ”