Rajasthan, India: Memorable Trip with Friends

Rajasthan, India: Memorable Trip with Friends - Sara

If you ever want to see the lifestyle of kings or want to see their kingdom, so you not need to go back with time bt you need to came Rajasthan. PADHARO MHARE DESH!- This Quotes of Rajasthan travel will surely take your rest and fill your soul with an thrill and adventure. This place is known for its culture, beauty, sand, colorful art. A very big royal palace, luxury, forts and many more rich things were sudden click on your mind whenever you heard or see this Word Rajasthan. Rajasthan: A land of Kings has its own sparkled story in the faded pages of History books. As I listen from many of people from my childhood that Jaipur is very beautiful, you must visit this, this and this there, there is a very deep wish to go Jaipur once and enjoy all the said things. Even at the last days of my school, we all were making plans to go Jaipur, But with the time all things were only just a past and we all were bring up busy with our scheduled life structure. But last month, one of my close friends Sara called me and makes me remind about our wish and literally, a great wave of excitement is blown with in my body. We just plan a mini meeting, so that we can discuss about this adventure. We all meet and we decided to go on a trip of Jaipur for 6 days so that we can enjoy everything and take a relaxing week from our busy lifestyle. So finally after a long search on internet, we get Parbhat Travels, where we all were like – Yes this is the perfect Tour Organizer according to our need. We connect with team and describe them all our wanting and fantasizes about our trip. The whole staff is very cooperative due to them, the very next day we all ready to go for an amazing trip from Delhi. We were total 4 friends 2 girls and 2 boys who were going on this trip.

Mehrangarh Fort: - As early as reach in our hotel rooms, we take rest for whole day and after that we were gone to local market near Our Hotel rooms. On a very next day, we were leave our Hotel and go to Mehrangarh Fort. This fort is known as the largest fort of India situated in Jodhpur. This fort is build by Rao Jodha in 1460. Rocky hills and citadel of sun were gave an amazing view to this city. We enjoyed a lot here and clicked many pictures. After the fun, we were gone to Gadsisar Sagar Lake.

Gadsisar Sagar Lake:- Gadsisar Sagar Lake in jaisalmer is the most beautiful lake in city. Just leave back the crowd of city and go to this lake which fills your soul into an unique happiness. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not an oasis but a water conservation tank made around 1400 A.D. by the then maharaja of Jaisalmer, Maharwal Gadsi Singh. We enjoyed a lot at these places. The whole lake is covered by many other attractions like temples and market. We were feeling so energetic so that we were gone on Jaisalmer Fort on the same day.

Jaisalmer Fort: -One of the few living fort of India is Jaisalmer Fort. This fort is generally known as Sonar Quila and it was built in 1156 AD by the Bhati Rajput. This place is very attractive for tourist and this fort is included with museums, forts, hotels and many shops. We did shopping here and capture the moment in our camera. In Jaisalmer, we take ride of camel, eat the tasty food of Rajasthan and take a round of market. After all these adventure, we came back to Hotel and take rest for the night.

Bhangarh Fort: -The Bhangarh Fort is placed in alwar in Rajasthan. This fort is built in 17th Century, by Man Singh and it is covered by hills from the three sides. Whenever we heard about Bhangarh, ghost, black magic, unwanted happenings were came into our mind. We have 3 people in our group who were scared a lot and I am one of them. All of our friends were forced us to go in Bhangarh Fort and capture the happening but we refused. After that we three were remain at our hotel and the rest group were gone to take enjoyment of the fort.

Amer Fort: - The next day, we make a plan and we all were gone to Amer fort. This fort is generally known for its artistic Hindu Style element. This place is near to Cheel ka Teela (Hills of eagle) and covered with mountains and forest. We came there and visit the whole Fort. After visiting the Amer fort, we were gone to see Hawa Mahal and Jal Mahal. These places were pretty as their names. After taking an attractive charm, we all were come back to Our Hotels rooms. After spending the 5-6 days in this memorable place we were finally get ready to join our scheduled life back and then we booked again our tour with Parbhat Travels. Actually we booked only tickets from one side because we were not sure how many days we will get to enjoy and how we will feel in the whole trip. But finally we get our dreams and enjoy the whole trip. We are giving a huge and trustworthy thanks to team of Parbhat Travels, who make our tour un-forgettable. You did all things just as you planned with us and. So this is the whole tour description of our tour to gave you an small example and idea for getting fun and entertainment. Now it’s your turn to book your trip with Parbhat Travels. We wish You were also get an interesting trip with Parbhat travels.


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