McLeodganj Tour Package

McLeodganj Tour Package : A Beautiful Place to Explore

The home of the Dalai Lama may be the biggest heaven for trippers to Mcleodganj, but the fresh mountain air and the card views make Dharamshala a perfect caper from the hustle-bustle of your routine life. Book a Mcleodganj tour package this season online. This stint is an ideal admixture of church and peace as you sit and peer at the Dhauladhars lined with pine timber with pockets of vibrant Tibetan cloisters. From harkening to the flutters of the Tibetan flags and the rolling prayer bus to taking a tardy perambulation in nature by hiking and spotting the milky falls in the pine-forested vale at the bottom of the potent Dhauladhars, this region will not only calm your soul but also satisfy the vagrant soul in you. Do not miss out to sate the justice addict in you on your visit to the loftiest International Cricket colosseum at Dharamshala by taking a print in an addict cheering disguise to treasure the moment for life. Bespeak a Dharamshala Mcelodganj tour package to see the following attractions. Visit St. John in the Nature Church and know the story of locals about why it is famous as 'The Home of God and Ghost'. Dharamsala hill town is located in Kangra quarter at 18 km from Kangra. Dharamsala is a mountainous region separated into upper and lower divisions with a different mounds. The lower division is Dharamsala city itself. At the same time, the upper- division is located 8 km down and is popularly known as Mcleodganj. Dharamsala is prominently visited for the machine connections and the bustling request. Dharamsala, numerous times, has been a center of contemplation and peace, with thousands of people from around the world coming then to seek Nirvana. Go cafe hopping at the lively and vibrant hippie cafes of Mcleodganj and savor authentic Tibetan cuisine. Spin the holy wheel while chanting' Om Mani Padme Hum' and take the blessings on visiting Dalai Lama Monastery in Dharamshala Learn Further about the Tibetan culture as you visit the cloisters of Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj. Belt a hot mug of coffee from the notorious Shiva cafe and enjoy the view of the Bhagsu Falls. This lush green hill station is largely told by Tibetan culture, and our Mcleodganj stint packages take you to the most famous cloisters of India, videlicet Namgyal Monastery and Tsuglagkhang. You can also plan passages to the most magnific sightseer places of Mcleodganj, like Bhagsunag Falls, the Tibetan Museum, and Bhagsunag Naga Temple.

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On your Mcleodganj trip, spend time girdled by fantastic beauty, feel the serene waters of Dal Lake, you can camp and enjoy nature, relax your body with a yoga and spa, know the art and craft at the Tibetan Museum, shop for monuments, enjoy the peace, experience the exhilaration on a journey, and much further. Peace campaigners, adventure suckers, and nature suckers all are welcome to have a fantastic holiday with our best Mcleodganj trip package. if you area couple, a family, or a group of musketeers, our Mcleodganj packages will fulfill all your conditions and make your vacation memorable. Mcelodganj family tour package for a week is the best to book. For a hassle-free trip to this hill station, we have put together Mcleodganj trip packages equipped with supported transfers, succulent refections, guided sightseeing tenures, and comfortable stays. Still, you can also customize the stint as per your likes and preferences, If you want. So please browse through our collection of Mcleodganj stint packages and get ready to enjoy the perfect mix of peace, nature, and exhilaration. Top tourist lodestones to explore on the Mcleodganj tour. Being a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh, Mcleodganj has numerous notorious sightseer lodestones. There is a commodity for every sightseer to explore. From Buddhist cloisters to tabernacles and falls, there are a lot of sightseeing places you can visit on your Mcleodganj stint. For a pleasurable experience, then are some of the most notorious sightseer lodestones you can add to your Mcleodganj diary. The major attraction to see are Bhagsunag Falls, BhagsunagTemple, Naddi View Point, Dal Lake, Sunset Point, The Dalai Lama's Temple, Tibetan Museum, Namgyal Monastery, and Dharamkot. The best times to plan a peaceful Mcleodganj trip are described here. Thanks to its abundant rainfall, you can plan a trip to Mcleodganj any time. Still, if you plan a summer trip, i.e., from April to July, Mcleodganj will be ideal due to its restorative climatic conditions. The soothing rainfall will give you a respite from the fierce summer heat and allow you to take journeys like Kareri Trek and Indrahar Pass. On the other hand, October to February is the stylish time to bespeak a Mcleodganj stint package to enjoy snow fights with your loved ones and savor pipeline hot foods. The temperature in layoffs in Mcleodganj hovers around 7 ° C to-3 ° C; thus, it's advised to carry warm clothes to cover yourself from the cold wave. How to reach Mcleodganj for a memorable holiday is described here. Mcleodganj, a popular hill station in Himachal, is well-connected by air, rail, and road. To reach Mcleodganj by air, take a flight to Gaggal Airport, located about 20 km down. There are frequent breakouts to this field from Kullu and Delhi. Hack services can be profited at cost-effective prices outside the field to reach Mcleodganj. The nearest road station to Mcleodganj is located at Pathankot, which is at a distance of approx. 90 km. You can take a machine or hack to reach Mcleodganj from the Pathankot road station. Numerous state-possessed and private motorcars also connect this hill station with bordering metropolises like Chandigarh( roughly 275 km down) and Dharamshala( around 5 km down). In addition, you can hire a luxe machine from Delhi(approx. 530 km down) to reach Mcleodganj for a peaceful vacation. Stay options in Mcleodganj. Mcleodganj has numerous places to stay that you can include in your Mcleodganj vacation package. It is a cool hill station; it is equipped with exceptional lodgment offering decent amenities to its guests. Whether you are a unmarried couple or a family, you can find great stays for a memorable stay. From luxury to budget-friendly, then are some of the top places to stay in Mcleodganj that you can include in your Mcelodganj tour package for couple. Check Fortune Park Moksha – Member of ITC Group, Hotel King Castle, Hotel Norbu House, The Nest, Hotel Akash, Dal Lake Resort, Golden Rock – AM Hotel Kollection and Pink House.

Camping in McLeodganj Tour

Camping in McLeodganj Tour

2 Nights & 3 Days McLeodganj

McLeodganj Trekking Tour

McLeodganj Trekking Tour

2 Nights & 3 Days McLeodganj

Weekend in McLeodganj

Weekend in McLeodganj

2 Nights & 3 Days McLeodganj

Romantic Honeymoon Tour

Romantic Honeymoon Tour

3 N & 4 D McLeodganj - Dharamshala

Exotic Mcleodganj & Dalhousie

McLeodganj & Dalhousie

5 Nights & 6 Days McLeodganj - Dalhouise

Beautiful Himachal Tour

Beautiful Himachal Tour

9N & 10D Shimla - Manali - Dharamshala - Dalhousie

What to See and Do in McLeodganj

As the whole McLeodganj is very beautiful and famous for its charming landscape, food, mountains. It makes your trip very memorable with your friends, family and loved once. There are lots of places to visit in this town as Triund, Bhagsu Falls, Namgyal Moastery, Dharamkot, Dal Lake and such more beautiful places like this. There are so many ideal spots for picnics and the clean and pristine environment will surely refresh your mood. You should visit the monastery here to know the exact meaning of life.

What Kind of Traveller are You

There are so many kinds of traveler who came to This town for exploring their interests. Some of the traveller are Adventure lover, business travel, holiday maker, long term traveler. All types of travelers were coming here to visit this amazing city and no one is making any indigestible thing about this place. This town is ready to accept all kinds of travelers in their lap and giving your best adventure.

Where to Stay in McLeodganj

Staying is very most important decision when you are on outing and how you feel if you are not treated well during your trip? Hell Right! Don't worry; we are giving you the best accomodation along with free wifi, decorated rooms, all types of room facilities. Himalayan Nest, Anuj Regency, Hotel Bhagsu are some of the top hotels where you will feel your real importance. So go with Parbhat Travels and make your trip more than memorable.

Where to Shop

McLeodganj is offering you a variety of specialty and convenience shops which are very famous for shopping. You can find a variety of products and designs here which attracts you the most. Actually the Tibetans were expert in making handmade things and this is the only reason handmade craft is mostly visible here at the every next shop. You can buy woolen shawls, prayer wheels and flags, jewelry, traditional Tibetan hats, trousers are more sellable in these markets and they also make the whole market very attractive by the look.

How to reach McLeodganj

The Nearest airport is Gaggal Airport in town Mcleode Ganj and there does not have any station for the train. If you are visiting by air, so Gaggal Airport is only 3km far away from town. If you are willing to come here by bus, so you can easily get a bus from your city to McLeodganj. You can come here from Rishikesh, chadigarh, Amritsar, Bhopal and all other cities very conveniently.

About McLeodganj Tour Package

Mcleodganj is a outlying district of city in Himachal Pradesh, India. Thousand of new visitors were come here to see and enjoying the natural view and elegance of this place. The fragrance of the air, sound of birds chirping, peace at the side of mountain is just indescribable to anyone.

There are so many things to visit in and near the Mcleogganj where you can enjoy your trip with your friends, your better half, your family and even at this place you can also perform your business meetings. There is no-one to disturb you by the sound of horns, or factory’s pollution. You can take eep rest here during your weekend and visit some memorable and famous places included Dharamshala, Palampur, Kangra, Sidhbari, Tatwani and Machhrial. Every year lots of people came here, from them some were came here to visit, explore take enjoyment and the rest others were came here to get the study and detailed knowledge about the Buddhism, culture, craft.

The overall distance from the city Delhi to Himachal Pradesh is only 556 kilo meter which takes approx 10 hours. You should once travel the place and discover Mcleodganj tourism with the mentioned packages such as Mcleodganj Holiday Packages. Explore exciting Mcleodganj honeymoon packages with luxury Mcleodganj tour packages. You should not miss this amazing chance of visiting one of the best and famous Place of Indian tourism.

During summer days, this place is take a different look as it is becoming a hub center for all summer activities such as river rafting, jumping, climbing, paragliding, snow driving and many other. But mostly people will come here to enjoy the trekking activity. Mcleodganj has one of the most mesmerizing landscapes in the entire state of Himachal Pradesh and attracts a lot of travelers throughout the year. If you've been planning to explore the abode of the Dalai Lama, you'd want to know what Mcleodganj has turned into.

If you are planning to visit this beautifully organized and well maintained place, so move to this city. As day by day this place is getting popularity, this place is developing so fast. Now if you are head to this destination, you will not have to face any issue as the organizer is well- experienced and having a wide knowledge about the environment and things a person is needed during trip outside their home.

So it is time to put your phone in your hands, browse our latest tour package for Mcleodganj and book the same. If you are still confused in choosing the best option, dial our helpline number 011 - 45625898 and we will be available at your service of providing you the best package according to your needs and budget.

Top 5 places to visit in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a land of beauty in the white snow. Mcleodganj is blessed with a number of places that attract tourists and the beauty is simply mesmerising. Tsuglagkhang is also a great place to visit. This is where the Dalai Lama resides. It is one of the most significant places for worshipping and also attracts devotees from all over the world.

Mcleodganj is the only place in India where the Tibetan culture flows in harmony with the Indian culture. This place is popular for various activities that make your vacation more adventurous. Some of them are trekking trail and picturesque, along with these the weather is also vibrant and the landscapes are eye-catching.

It is a land of beauty in the white snow. Mcleodganj is blessed with a number of places that attract tourists and the beauty is simply mesmerising. Below mentioned are the top 5 places to visit in this wonderful tourist spot called Mcleodganj.

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1. Masroor Temple

Masroor Temple is located in Lahalpur, Masroor. This temple is beautifully adorned with the beautiful North Indian Nagra architectural style. It is full of masterpieces and is one of its kind. The sightseeing is very popular here and collects a huge revenue.

The majestic vibes of this place attract national and international tourists. It is highly appreciated for its intricate carvings on the monolithic rocks.

2. Triund

Your wanderlust has got its spot. The trekking trail from Mcleodganj to Triund gives you a completely different experience of the rocks. The scenic landscapes and the rocky terrains are so mesmerizing that you cannot resist visiting this place. The night camping at the top of the hill under the wide star-filled sky is the visual treat to your soul and eyes.

3. Bhagsu Falls

Bhagsu falls is located in the Kangra District near the main market in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh. The lush green surroundings of the Bhagsu Falls attract the tourists towards this place. The scenic beauty seems like a part of heaven on earth adorned with beautiful rocks and floral species. So, take a dip in the water and click wonderful pictures along with authentic food served in the nearby cafes.

It is advisable to visit this place in the pleasant mornings. Feel the beauty of this place as in evenings this place gets stuffed with people and you cannot enjoy to the fullest. The long trail around this fall is worth and the greenery around is a gem in the natural beauty.

4. Nechung Monastery

After such a great and adventurous trip to Mcleodganj, tourists have an option to experience warm-hearted hospitality and love at Nechung Monastery. The environment around the monastery is filled with positivity and enthusiasm. So, give your muscles and mind a spiritual rest at Nechung Monastery. The mantras and the morning chants are so pure that it seems like its cleansing your mind and souls. Therefore, this place is a must visit if you are planning your trip to Mcleodganj.

5. Guna Devi Temple

A pilgrimage spot for all the Hindu devotees, Guna Devi Temple is dedicated to goddess Kali. The trekking route to this majestic and ancient temple with your family is memorable and amazing. This place is surrounded by beautiful deodar trees and oaks. This place has its own history and a number of myths along with this, you can also enjoy the mesmerising view of Kangra valley.

The Tibetan Museum is full of Tibetan crafts and also preserves their history and rich cultural heritage. This place is loved for its great exhibition and its collection of pottery, arms, crafts etc. Dharamkot is a place for meditation where spotting a saint chanting mantras is a common scenario. This place is known for its peace and calm atmosphere. It is packed with fun and generic beauty to spend your vacations. So, pack your bags.

FAQs on Mcleodganj Tour

1. Which are the famous places during the McLeodganj Tour?

The aquatic places are Bhagsunag Waterfalls, Dal Lake, Kareri Lake, Laka Glacier, Lam Dal, and Nag Dal. The famous religious and cultural places are Aghanjar Mahadev, Chamunda Devi Temple, Dip Tse Chok Ling, Gyuto Tantric Monastery Temple, Kalachakra temple, Shaktipeeth Shri Bajreshwari Devi, Sansari Mata Temple, St. John Church, Tibetan Flags Temple, Tushita Meditation Centre, Tsuglagkhang Complex Dalai Lama, Namgyal Monastery. The famous hiking and trekking places are Boh Valley, Kangra Valley, Gaj Pass, Indrahar Pass, Moon Peak, Shova's Nest, Talang Pass, Toral Pass, Triund, and Minkaini Passes. The famous mountain villages of McLeod Ganj are Ghera Village and Reoti Village.

2. What are the best things to do on McLeod Ganj Tour?

Kora Circuit is the best to take by people from any religion once in the McLeod Ganj Tour. The Himalayan viewpoints in McLeod Ganj are the Sunset View Point and Naddi Hill Point. Stargazing is the best to sight from camping at Triund peak. Take her shopping for authentic Himachali and Tibetan souvenirs from the Tibetan Mini Market. Snowline Trek and Thatharana Trek are the best for trekking and adventure things to do once in McLeod Ganj Tour. The history, art, and crafts lovers must visit Master Mitrasen Art Museum, Kangra Fort, Kangra Art Museum, and The Tibet Museum.

3. What are the romantic things to do in McLeod Ganj?

The romantic couples must trek towards Triund Hill. You both must camp there at night and gaze at the stars with crystal clear skies. Take her to Bhagsu Waterfalls, enjoy the lush green surrounding and swim in its cascade during the summer. The newly married couples can have a holistic spa and massage from the Tibetans. Hike to Nandhi View Point and embrace here the delighted beauty of the Majestic Himalayas. Visit temples and monasteries to seek blessings and peace of mind. Visit the famous lakes in McLeod Ganj and hike in the woods. The adventure-seeking couples must take the famous treks in the mountain valleys and mountain passes in McLeod Ganj

4. How can I reach McLeod Ganj?

The tourist must take a flight to Gaggal Airport at Dharamshala from New Delhi by flight. From Dharamshala, you can reach McLeod Ganj bus and taxi. It is 20-km away from this domestic airport in Himachal Pradesh. The nearest railway station to alight for McLeod Ganj is Pathankot railway junction by train. It is 88-km away from McLeod Ganj. Many daily taxis, state, and private travels busses are there to take to McLeod Ganj from Pathankot. McLeod Ganj is accessible from all neighboring districts of Himachal Pradesh by road. It has good road connectivity by the national and state highways from the major cities of India.

5.What is the best time to visit McLeod Ganj?

Summer months from March to May are the peak tourist season in McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh. Many international and domestic tourists from the Indian plateau regions visit McLeod Ganj to beat the hot climate and enjoy the cool weather in McLeod Ganj. The adventure tourists visit here during summer for mountain hiking and trekking. Winter in McLeod Ganj is from November to February. It is the best time to see snow and enjoy the white beauty of the snow-fed Himalayas. It is advisable to avoid the rainy months from June to October. McLeod Ganj receives rains from the South-west and North-east Monsoon.

6. How many days are enough for McLeod Ganj?

6-days and 5-nights are enough to explore all McLeod Ganj attractions, things to do, and adventure. A weeklong tour is essential to visit the museums; and monasteries for meditation and wellness therapies available in Tibetan forms. It is the same for people coming under the McLeod Ganj pilgrim tour. You will attend prayers, rituals and take the Kora circuit. You will also stay in permitted McLeod Ganj monasteries.

7. What can I buy in McLeod Ganj?

The Tibetan artifacts like the tiny to medium-sized Lord Buddha statues, Buddhist prayer wheels, prayer flags, and religious accessories are the best to buy in the memory of the McLeod Ganj tour. Yet, the original wool and its hand-woven products like the Himachali caps, blankets, and sweaters are the best to buy from McLeod Ganj Flea Market. You can take many traditional Himachali and Tibetan souvenirs to gift to your neighbors and friends. If you wish to drink the tea leaves produced from Darang Tea Estate, you can buy them locally in any provision shops present in McLeod Ganj.

8. Is McLeod Ganj worth visiting?

Yes, McLeod Ganj is worth visiting to see the largest Buddhist settlement in India. It is also one of the Buddhist pilgrim places to complete the Kora circuit. Tourists from India and abroad visit McLeod Ganj to see and experience the Tibetan cultural heritage in India. It is also the famous meditation and wellness camp in India. People willing to get the blessing from Dalai Lama do visit here when he gives preaches from his monastery. McLeod Ganj is famous for its cool climate, lush green mountainous forest cover, and mountain valleys of the Himalayas.

9. Which are the best treks in McLeod Ganj?

Bhagsu Trek, Guna Devi Temple Trek, Indrehar Pass Trek, Kareri River Trek, and Triund Trek are the best Himalayan trekking trail routes from McLeod Ganj. Thus, you will trek from mid-altitude to high-altitude on the Himalayas. These trekking trails are the best to take by beginners and mountain adventure seekers. You will pass through mountain valleys, rivers, and mountain passes.

10. What are the famous adventure activities to do on the McLeod Ganj tour?

Paragliding is one of the famous air adventure activities in McLeod Ganj. The peak summer season is the right time to take assisted paragliding. Yet, if you have domestic or international certification, you can Paraglide independently from McLeod Ganj. Mountain rock climbing is another important adventure activity to do here. Nature lovers must take various trekking trails available from McLeod Ganj for night camping and see the beauty of the Majestic Himalayan Mountain Ranges.

Our Happy Travelers Reviews

Himachal Tour
Paul Hasburg

Paul Hasburg


“I have heard night sky gazing is an incredible experience from McLeod Ganj. I wished to visit Truind peak and camp there as I was fond of watching Truind camping videos on the video-sharing platforms, which McLeod Ganj tour takers posted. I was uncertain about the clear skies and chances to view the Milky Way at a higher altitude on the Himalayas. Yet, Prabhat Travels was the one who guided me to book the right time for Truind camping for stargazing. I booked an all-inclusive McLeod Ganj tour package and felt much comfortable with their dedicated services. I recommend them to people with a similar interest."

Himachal Tour
Plisa Moody

Plisa Moody


“Kora Circuit was one of the pending rituals as a Buddhist. I wished to take my family and complete this holy circuit in McLeod Ganj. When I checked online, had the right Kora Circuit travel itinerary. I called them, and they were very much eager to note the age and health of the family members to take the Kora Circuit. They also suggested the right time to take Kora Circuit, and I booked their McLeod Ganj pilgrimage tour with my entire family members. Thank you once again for arranging a guide, travel, and accommodation needs in McLeod Ganj. After taking this circuit, I feel like I have attained Nirvana.”

Himachal Tour
Christine Smith

Christine Smith


“I have heard night sky gazing is an incredible experience from McLeod Ganj. I wished to visit Truind peak and camp there as I was fond of watching Truind camping videos on the video-sharing platforms, which McLeod Ganj tour takers posted. I was uncertain about the clear skies and chances to view the Milky Way at a higher altitude on the Himalayas. Yet, Prabhat Travels was the one who guided me to book the right time for Truind camping for stargazing. I booked an all-inclusive McLeod Ganj tour package and felt much comfortable with their dedicated services. I recommend them to people with a similar interest. ”