Lakshadweep Tour Package

Enjoy Your Honeymoon in Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep is an island situated at the coast of Kerala, India. A place is a beautiful island with natural beauty, serenity, coconut palms and quaint landscapes. It is paradise for a natural lover and peace lover. Lakshdweep is one of the finest island of India locations. This place is a hub of “hundreds of islands”. The shining and bright green water draws many of the visitors and tourists towards here. It is well known for white sand beaches, sapphire lagoons, colorful corals and omnipresent silence. When we all were stuck in the busy life schedule of cities, you have to once visit the Lakshydweep, a island of beauty, nature, love and peace. There are many things to do in Lakshadweep from romantic boat ride to scuba diving in the Kalpeni Island, exploring rare corals, watching turtles and fishes. Lakshadweep Islands is among the most breathtaking tropical islands in the world. Water based activities were the most point of attraction of this place. There are so many attractions to see and visit here like kayaking and canoeing. This place is getting very popularity day by day with the increment of Tourism. And with the increasing of Tourism, a lots of luxury hotels, beautiful beaches, resorts were built very fast. This place is located at the west part of Kerala having a heaven for nature. There is a collection of islands like Agatti Island, Amindivi Island, Andretti Island, Bangaram Island, Kalpeni Island and many other islands which were very beautiful. So now the time is for getting a good package by searching it on the Internet and packing your bag for this amazing tour. And Parbhat Travels is always here to help you in your confusion of finding Good Tour Package for your holidays.

Lakshadweep Islands

Lakshadweep Islands

03 Nights & 04 Days Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep Islands with Kerala

Lakshadweep Islands with Kerala

07 Nights & 04 Days Lakshadweep - Kerala

Lakshadweep Islands Tour

Lakshadweep Islands Tour

04 Nights & 05 Days Lakshadweep

What to See and Do in Lakshadweep

You were coming in the paradise of nature and not enjoying and visiting the places, so you were actually very bore type person. Here are so many attractions to see and to do. Some of these were Minicoy Island, Marine Museum, Lighthouse, Kayaking and Canoeing, Kavaratti Island, Kalpeni Island, Folk Arts, Amindivi Island and many other famous places for visit and exploring in the Lakhsdweep Islands. So just ready to visit the new places and observe the places for their history and get enjoy.

What Kind of Traveller are You

So what kind of traveler you are to visit the amazing Lakshdweep? Is you are fun loving or just want to explore the whole place with your partner? You don’t need to think twice about it as you are getting so much fun in your Lakshdweep Tour package. This beautiful place has so many attractions to see, so that your tourist interest is just only for saying at this place. This place attracts all kind of traveler to visit here and fall for that amazing place.

Where to Stay in Lakshadweep

As Kerala is proper different in all language, culture and in dress up on an average, there were always an insecurity were revolving in our mind about the staying in Lakshdweep. But This island is very rich at this point as you were prvided very top level facilities here. There are lots of luxury hotels, and resorts where you can chill out and get relaxed during your trip to Lakshdweep Island. Also you will get all the desired facility and treatment at there.

Where to shop in Lakshadweep

Shopping is the main attraction for all tourists when we were out of our town and visiting such a beautiful place like Lakshdweep. There is a hub centre of market where you can get all the things under a roof like, cloths, jewelary, handmade things and much more. The markets were not very developed and broad here but sure you can take the best from these markets. Sometimes you were not enjoyed the market very much but on a average it was a good place for exploring your ideas, your mind.

How to reach Lakshadweep

Now when all things were discussed clearly, the final step is reaching at Lakshdweep. There are one route by flights for agatti airport, also take water transport to cochin in Kerala. And if you are confusing about the reaching process, just call Us on Parbhat Travels Helpline Number 011 - 45625898 and we will surely help you. We will explain you about all the routes and ways to get into this amazing and beautiful island. So get ready to have fun my friends.