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Kasol Tour Package: A Great Place for Fun and Leisure in Winter

Kasol is a popular sightseeing destination in our country, located in Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, familiar to its Israeli excursionists. It is a small hamlet positioned on the banks of the Parvati River and just 40 km from Kullu. The destination is also considered a stylish audacious sightseer place in India for adventure seekers, as they can comfortably enjoy the stars and Mother Nature. Book a Kasol tour package online now. Kasol is a discoverer's paradise. Himachal Pradesh thrives in enthralling its journeyer. Quiet serene pinnacles, Lavish green, plated denes, blowing meadows, forestland, running water aqueducts, ice, unalloyed aqueducts, rambling water aqueducts, and steep falls beguiling lakes, undulating aqueducts are a couple of displays of its tranquility. The excursion you enroll in will be relatively conceivably the most enrapturing bones. On this trip, you'll encounter relatively conceivably the most satisfying and beguiling nobility from dazing mountains stretched with cold covers to foamy falls, from daring climbing meetings to unwinding in energy, from recreation by a catching raceway sluice to make new trip comrades for unborn excursions. Tranquil frigid pinnacles, Lavish green and plated denes, blooming knolls, murky forestland, running water aqueducts, ice, and unalloyed aqueducts, rambling water aqueducts, steep falls, alluring lakes, undulating aqueducts are a couple of donations of its peacefulness. On this spin, we will probe the excellent scenes of Manali and Kasol. Alongside the tranquil perspectives, it's a paradise for experience, dears, since you can have everything, from voyaging to paragliding. There is a wide range of druthers. You can chill by the seaside, climb up to see dawn or dusk, and enjoy experiencing exercises in Solang vale and its numerous effects. Booking a Kasol group tour package is the best for adventure seekers. You can try the trekking trails available here with low, moderate, and high difficulties. It will be easy to go for Tosh trekking from Kasol. Tosh is located 20 kilometers from Kasol. Tosh is a tiny village established at 7,900-ft AMSL. The culture followed in this village will surely attract those trippers who have the soul of a hippie. The stirring views will make this destination one of the scenic foregrounds of your trip to Kasol. Kasol and Tosh villages are one of India's most beautiful destinations and are much more than a pleasure for a wanderer. It is an ideal place for a weekend getaway. However, a comprehensive list of the stylish places to visit in Kasol will surely tempt you to plan your trip, If you're yet to explore this paradise. Book a Kasol tour package for a couple to see the heavenly lake on the Himalayas. Kheer Ganga trek is the best to take by couples. Kheer Ganga is 9,700 -ft AMSL. It lies at the end of Parvati vale and the last inhibited vill while touring to leg vale via Leg- Parvati pass. Kheerganga's panoramic skies and vast verdure are an important delight to the mountaineer's eyes and especially the tired legs. It's a holy place with a hot water spring, a small tabernacle of Lord Shiva, and a bathing tank. It makes a rare combination for any mountaineer to bathe in hot spring water when everything is covered by snow. At Tirthan Valley, you will have to drive from Kasol for 60 kilometers to reach this valley, which would be completely worth it. This valley is considered an isolated place located around Kasol and will surely help you find the retreat you have been looking for.

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A one-day trip to this vale is what it takes to make your trip experience more awful. Manikaran Sahib – This is the ideal passage point for those seeking spiritual enlightenment amidst the mountainous beauty. It is said that the Gurudwara, then Manikaran Sahib, was visited by Guru Nanak one day, which is why it is considered the most- recognized and respected- good place near Kasol as it is located at a distance of only4.3 kilometers from the village of Kasol. Chalal Village is known as well as respect for the Israeli culture. Spending a day in this village will greatly add to your Kasol vacation, as you would want to lose yourself in the views. For the comers out there, this is the ideal place to come to, as you get the chance to journey till then with the mesmerizing views making the whole adventure worthwhile. Rasol is established at an altitude of 10,000-ft AMSL. The village of Rasol has only many figures of occupants. Just like Kasol Hamlet, this village is visited by the alpinists who love to explore the different corners of this place. The people abiding then are relatively welcoming, and one of the strongest effects you will find then would be that every alternate person living then indulged in spinning hair. Kasol trip from Delhi is the best route and way to reach here. Also, be ready with their Kasol packages from Delhi designed just for you. Get set for your holiday, be it with your family or musketeers. It is going to be delightful all the way. We have an array of instigative Kasol stint packages from Delhi that might get you chilling out. You can elect any of our stint packages from Delhi to Kasol per your demand. It could be a romantic honeymoon holiday, it could be an adventure trip in Kasol. It could be a time for relaxing with your family, or it may just be some me- time- we've it all arranged veritably precisely and widely. You could choose from Delhi to Kasol trip packages with or without a flight booking. Your Kasol trip package from Delhi will include all the delightful rudiments necessary for this trip. With the ace of the convenience of customizing the package, your Kasol trip cost from Delhi will be a veritably reasonable bone that would make you desire a mileage of our benefits. Our services are guaranteed to be stylish and make your vacation with our packages the most memorable trip of your life. They're leaves that don't come your way every day, so it would make you long to make them be every day.

Manali and Kasol tour package

Manali & Kasol tour

5 Nights & 6 Days Manali - Kasol

Strating @12,340 PP

Camping in Kasol

Camping in Kasol

1 Nights & 2 Days Kasol

Strating @12,00 PP

Adventure in Kasol

Adventure in Kasol

2 Nights & 3 Days Kasol

Strting @24,00

What to See and Do in Kasol

Thinking and deciding upon one thing is quite impossible in Kasol as it offers you an immense variety of things to add moments in your memory. Trekking or hiking in the best of greenery is undoubtedly one of the most exciting fun things. Camping with friends is also very famous in Kasol. Many excellent places like Sar Pass, Chalal, Yanker Pass, Tosh Village, and many more. Mountains, river, mild weather attracts you to fall in love with Kasol immediately.

What Kind of Traveller are You

How your tour is going to majorly depend on what kind of a traveler are you? Some visitors like to do fantastic adventure sports to derive the adrenaline rush for their enjoyment, while some love a calm and romantic tour to engage deeper with the inner self and nature. Kasol is one of the few places in India to satisfy both the energetic and peace-loving mindsets of tourists. On the one hand, it offers you hiking or trekking or river rafting, on the other side it's best for taking long walks and spending some alone time. To witness all these, what you need to do is book a trip with Parbhat Travels!

Where to Stay in Kasol

Staying facility plays a vital role in making your trip worth remembering. If that is not up to your expectations, your whole trip will become annoying no matter how beautiful the place is. Parbhat Travels ensure to provide you with the best-staying facility in Kasol. As customer satisfaction is our prime goal, we only offer accommodation at the most comfortable places. Besides that, if you want, you can also stay in Hotel Krishna Palace, Hotel Blue Diamond Kasol, Devlok International, and many more. These are some of the hotels which are famous for their outstanding facilities and hospitality.

How to reach Kasol

Reaching Kasol can be as easy as traveling anywhere if you can connect with us. All you need to do first is decide a date and call us on our digits, +91-8826782335. If you plan to take a flight, the nearest airport to Kasol is Bhuntar in Kullu Manali. Joginder Nagar is the nearest railway station. Enjoy the lowest rates of traveling if you belong to Delhi or Chandigarh.

Read More About Kasol Tour Package

Kasol is a village in the district Kullu, located on the way to the pilgrim, Manikaran. It is a great attraction for many foreign tourists who gather here to experience the regional 'charas' and the best offerings of North India. From Kasol, the street stretches towards the famous Sikh and Hindu pilgrimage of Manikaran. It ends at Pulga, where the wave dam Parvati Hydel Venture is situated. Rudra-Nag, the famous fountain resembling the water reptile, is the next place to visit after Pulga. You can enjoy some great food at a Dhaba located there. Then the street goes to the broad field of Khiranga, where Lord Shiva is known for his 3000 decades-long meditation. You cannot miss the best Maggie and corn here!

The often-precipitous valley street increases previous a aspect valley resulting in the town of Malana and through the backpackers’ destination of Kasol where European tourists assemble to example the regional “charas” or cannabis which is well-known throughout the valley. From here, the street goes through the Sikh and Hindu pilgrimage city of Manikaran and ends at Pulga, where the development of the Parvati Hydel Venture, a wave dam, rules the surroundings. From Pulga, the footpath increases to a forehead and little dhaba at a fountain known as Rudra-Nag, obviously after its likeness of a water reptile. Beyond Rudra-Nag , the pathway transcends further through wide maple jungles to the religious website of Khirganga (Kheerganga), a field at 2960m where Shiva is said to have meditated for 3000 decades. The hot comes at Khirganga are essential for Hindu and Sikh pilgrims as well as many others who believe the ocean have holy treatment qualities.

Explore the Best of Manikaran & Khirganga in Himachal Pradesh Tour

Himachal Pradesh is an international tourist destination for adventure, Himalayan, honeymoon, winter sports and hippie tour in India. An all-inclusive Kasol tour package is the best to book during Christmas Eve and New Year to enjoy hippie culture and Kasol Music festival to the fullest. Explore from spiritual Manikaran to the peak heights of Khirganga for adventure, nature and recreation.

Trekking Trails in Kasol

Manikaran Road is the starting point for mountain adventure sports activities in Kasol. Most of the beginners in trekking join here with the authorized Himalayan adventure sports companies. These are guided trekking accompanied with a professional trekker. Trekking kits are available with the organizers in Manikaran. It has one of the best mid level ranges of the Himalayas for beginners to trek on the Trans Himalayas. People seeking Himalayan adventure can have the best of trekking and camping in Kasol. Night camping is allowed during summer and winter in permitted places.

  • Carry energy bars and sufficient water
  • Upload map apps
  • Start early and get down before sunset is the best for day trekking trails
  • Chalal, Malana, Tosh, Rasol Pass and Tirthan Valley treks are the best to start from Manikaran
  • Food like breakfast and lunch are arranged by the organizers at few trekking places.
  • Visit your trek organizers an hour before the starting time of trekking in Kasol.
  • They give proper instructions and guidance on the trek level, safety and security concerns
  • You must not be under the influence of alcohol while in a trekking trail in Kasol

Before starting your trek, take a dip in the hot springs of Manikaran. There are many temples on the Parvathi Riverside. Get blessings from the River Goddesses and begin your trek. Kasol has one of the scenic places of the Himalayas. You will be mesmerized to see such mountain valleys and passes.

Khirganga Trek

Khirganga is a Himalayan Mountain trekking trail route in Himachal Pradesh. It is with less to moderate difficulties. The starting pint of this trekking route is from Barshaini Village. The trekking time is almost five to six hours. The beginners might take more than 6-hours.

Khirganga Trek leads to end at Khirganga hot springs, mountain peak and lake. You will begin to trek from 6000-ft AMSL and reach Khirganga, which is at 9,000-ft AMSL. Energetic people with altitude sickness must avoid this trekking trail on the Himalayas.

You will trek side by and cross Parvathi River many times while to Khirganga trek.

You will have the lush green beauty of coniferous forests on Parvathi valley.

Bathing on the Khirganga water is of medicinal values.

As you trek up, you will see the mighty Himalayas snow-clad mountain peaks.

The best time to take khirganga trek is from November to June.

You will find snow from November to March.

A one night and two day trek is with night camping.

The Khirganga trek and camping is organized by authorized Himalayan adventure sports clubs. They provide guides and instructors for save trekking. A group of 6+ members are entertained. If you come to Kasol as solo tourist, you might have to join a team.

Camping is allowed at the top point. You can enjoy bonfire, music and gaze stars during the night. Camping kits are available on rent. Food and beverages must be packed by the trekkers. It is advisable to carry your trekking kit and gears.

Himachal Pradesh is a tourist-friendly place in North India. Book an all-inclusive Himachal Pradesh adventure tour package and get some discounts and offers.

FAQs on Kasol Tour

1. Which are the famous places to visit during the Kasol Tour?

The scenic mountain hamlet places to visit in Kasol are Chalal Village, Malana Village, Naggar Village, Pulga Village and Tosh Village. The cultural and religious places to visit in the Kasol tour are Manikaran Sahib, Manikaran Hot Springs and Parvati River.‪ The evergreen Himalayan Mountain Valleys to visit in the Kasol are Parvati Valley and Tirthan Valley. The prominent mountain peak to visit in the Kasol tour is Kheer Ganga Peak. The nature park to visit in Kasol is the Nature Park Kasol. The primary marketplace to visit in Kasol is Bhuntar Town.

2. What are the romantic things to do in Kasol?

The romantic couples must hike near the Parvati River and spend a night in a camp with a bonfire while on their Kasol tour. The romantic people must walk through the Tosh Village and enjoy its scenic surroundings. Malana is a small hamlet, which you must take your loved ones and stay overnight in a Mountain View homestay. The energetic lovers must trek Kheer Ganga and see the high-altitude mountain ranges of the Himalayas. You must taste Israeli foods near to the major tourist attraction places in Kasol and its towns. Take your loved ones to shop authentic Himachali souvenirs.

3. What are the best things to do on Kasol Tour?

Kasol is the backpacker’s paradise in Himachal Pradesh. Camping near the Parvati River and enjoying the scenic beauty of the Parvati Valley is the best to do by day and night camping at different sites. You must attend the Himachal Music festival during New Year’s Eve if you visit during the year-end. You will find snow during the winter, where you can go hiking and trekking to enjoy the white beauty of the Himalayas. Tasting Israeli foods from the hundreds of Israeli Cafes present here is the best thing to do by foodies. You must try their local Rice Beer once in your Kasol tour.

4. How can I reach Kasol?

Daily flights are available from New Delhi International Airport to Bhunter Airport in Himachal Pradesh. Kasol is 31-km away from this Airport. The nearest railway station to alight for Kasol is Joginder Nagar. From here, you have to take a bus or taxi to reach Kasol, which is at a distance of 125-km. You can reach Kasol by road from New Delhi and Chandigarh by bus and private travellers. It is 513-km away from Delhi and 359-km from Chandigarh. Kasol has good road connectivity from major cities of India via national and state highways.

5. What is the best time to visit Kasol?

March to June is the best time to visit for the people living in the plateau region of India. You will find cool weather during the summer season. Kasol looks exotic in lush green pine and deodar forest cover. July to September is a rainy month and tourists must avoid travelling here. Yet, tourists visit here to enjoy the Monsoon rain on the Himalayas and spend indoors in homestays and Mountain View resorts. The winter months are the best to enjoy the snowfall and view the high-altitude ranges of the Himalayan Mountains from Kasol peaks and valleys.

6. How many days are enough for Kasol?

A weeklong tour is the best to enjoy all Kasol attractions and things to do. Here, you can enjoy hiking, camping and trekking in Kasol apart from visiting places to visit in Kasol. Yet, backpackers start their trip on Friday night and reach here on Saturday morning. They enjoy the weekend and return on Sunday night. If you are on a budget tour, 3-days and two nights are enough to see the sightseeing places in and around Kasol. Tourists visiting here for hiking and mountain trekking do need the same three days two nights in Kasol trip.

7. What can I buy in Kasol?

Flea markets in Kasol are the best place to buy authentic Himachali handicraft items. They are made from locally sourced woods from pine and deodar trees. Handwoven woollen clothing is available for kids and adults. It is advisable to buy a Himachali cap and Bob Marley t-shirt in memory of your Kasol tour. It is also the best place to buy fashion accessories of traditional type and semi-precious stones. The leather products are 100% original leather. It is advisable to buy handmade footwear, belts, wallets, hand glows, and handbags.

8. Is Kasol worth visiting?

Kasol is a budget-friendly hill station to visit by people of all ages. Kasol is worth visiting in summer to see the National Parks, hamlets untouched by modernization, mountain hiking, trekking and camping. Kasol is 5,180 ft AMSL. This altitude is cool on hot summer days and can see snowfall during the winter season. It is an excellent place to taste Israeli foods made by the Israelis settled in Kasol. This famous hill station is worth visiting in December to enjoy hippie music, partying and enjoy the New Years Eve along with the Hippie music festival.

9. Which are the best treks in Kasol?

Malana trek takes you to visit one of the ancient villages of this mountainous region. Tirthan Valley Trek is the best to take by energetic people for a thrilling trek experience on the Himalayas. Tosh trek takes you to visit the Tosh village at an altitude of 7,874-ft AMSL. Tosh is the best place to see the snowline of the Himalayas during daylight and on full moon days. It is a moderate level trekking route in Kasol. Kheer Ganga trek leads to Kheer Ganga Lake and Kheer Ganga Peak. The famous mountain pass trekking trails are the Sar Pass Trek and Rasol Pass.

10. What are the famous adventure activities to do on the Kasol tour?

Solang Nala is the best place from Kasol to visit during the summer for a Paragliding adventure. The aquatic adventure seekers must visit Parvati River in Kasol for a white river rafting adventure. Backpacking via motorbike and sightseeing in Kasol by bike is the best way to enjoy the mountainous beauty of the Parvati Valley. Kheerganga trek is the best for the Himalayan mountain adventure seekers to visit Kheerganga Lake and peak. Malana and Tosh trek is the best to see the scenic mountain hamlet of Himachal Pradesh and its tribal peoples.

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Himachal Tour
Paul Hasburg

Paul Hasburg


“My dream to visit the Hippie Hamlet in Kasol was fulfilled by booking Kasol tour package I appreciate their timely responses, hospitality and well-planned tour operation from New Delhi to Kasol. I will book again to see the Kasol adventure tour next season."

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Plisa Moody


“My friends referred They booked Kasol Tour Package during the Himachal Music Festival. This year, I book beforehand with them to enjoy this year’s New Year Eve at Kasol Hill station in an all-inclusive Kasol tour.”

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Christine Smith


“I appreciate your teamwork in the travel and tourism industry in India. My trip to see Mini Israel in India was to the fullest with Israeli food, drinks and music while staying near the Parvathi Riverfront resort. I personally recommend for the Himalayan tour in India.”