Chamba Tour Package

Chamba Tour Package : A Nature's Blessed Land

Who does not like to go into heaven if they are getting a chance on the earth? If someone offers you a location for enjoying the vacations, make sure that the place is around to Chamba. Chamba is a small but beautiful town in the Chamba district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The place does not need any explanation for itself as all the people know about this place very well. According to a survey of 2011, the population is around 20,000 of this small place. The place is very beautiful and has so many places to enjoy. The Chamba is mainly known for the shopping and views. People come here from different places to view the capture-less moments. The clean and pure river of Chamba makes you feel very happy and energetic. There are so many temples which are very famous around the world and people came here to view these spiritual places. Khajjar is also a beautiful hill station in the northern Indian. Khajjar is mainly famous for Khajji Nag Temple, which is dedicated to a serpent god. Also, Khajjar Lake is very famous around the city which is very beautiful and calm place. Everyone should once visit the Chamba and Khajjar whenever they visit the northern India.

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McLeodganj & Chamba

5 Nights & 6 Days McLeodganj - Chamba

Beautiful Himachal Tour

Beautiful Himachal Tour

5N & 6D Shimla - Manali - Dharamshala - Chamba

What to See and Do in Chamba

Well it is very hard to specify some activities or places which fill the visitors with joy in the chamba and khajjar. But still, we offer some places where you should surely visit for enjoying yourself such as AkhandChandni Palace, Champavati Temple, Khajjar lake, Laxminarayan temple, Manimahesh lake and many other spots which make your mind fresh. Chamba is mainly famous for the shopping purpose which offers so many varieties in shopping.

What Kind of Traveller are You

It really does not matter that what kind of traveller you are because you are here in the support center of Parbhat travels. A team of parbhat travels always have options for the visitors according to their needs. Teenagers and friend groups can enjoy the trip with their comfort zone. Newly married couples increase the beauty of the place and families were come here to enjoy the vacations.

Where to Stay in Chamba

Staying is always creates a messy situation when we are out of our homes. Everyone wants a complete facility and security on their trip from the service providers and we stand on our words. We provide all the facilities for the staying includes room, parking, food, and many others. Hotel City Heart, Hotel aroma palace and Hotel iraverti are some of the best options for your staying in the Chamba district.

Where to Shop Chamba

Chamba is ancient city within the Chamba district within the state of Himachal Pradesh, in India. Himachal sales outlet is that the best searching places in Chamba. Chamba Market is know for its Woodenchapels,hand-made shawls, animal skin works. It is one stop destination for Rumals (Handkerchief) and finely decorated fabric like Silk etc. The large variety of attractions in chamba can Keep you busy throughout it slow here.So come and shop the interesting items from the market.

How to Reach Chamba

Chamba is a town which is located in Chamba district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, in northern India. The nearest railroad terminal is at Pathankot, concerning about 125 kms from Chamba. Local Buses and Cabs are simply available out there from Pathankot to Chamba. Or else, you will be able to taketrain until Chandigarh or until national capital so take a bus or a cab.Just reach the Chamba and enjoy the place with your own squad.

FAQs on Chamba Tour

1. What are the famous festivals of Chamba tourists must visit once on a Chamba trip?

Suhi Mata Festival is held annually in April throughout the Chamba Valley. The Minjar Mela is held in-between July and August every year in Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh.

2. What are the mountain ranges visible from Chamba Valley?

The high-altitude Trans-Himalayan Mountain Ranges like Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal Ranges are visible from the Chamba Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

3. Does Chamba receive snowfall?

Yes, tourists can expect snowfall during the winter season. Yet, book a Chamba tour when snowfall starts in-between October to mid of March.

4. What is the mean elevation of Chamba Valley?

The mean elevation of Chamba Valley is 3,268-ft AMSL. This Valley lies in the Western most parts of the Himalayas in North India.

5. Is Chamba worth visiting under cultural heritage tourism?

Yes, there are many Kashmiri, Pahari, and British build monuments worth visiting to see them under cultural heritage tour in Chamba. Hindu temples built here date back to 10 CE.

6. Which is the best art and craft item to bring back in the memory of the Chamba tour in Himachal Pradesh?

Domestic or international tourists must buy the authentic Pahari paintings available in Chamba. They are colorful miniature paintings that are best to gift or place as a decorative item in your home.

7. Is Chamba a woman-friendly tourist place in Himachal Pradesh, India?

Yes, Chamba hill station is tourist-friendly for a solo woman and any woman visiting here in a group. Himachali people are tourist-friendly.

8. How many days are necessary to tour Chamba Valley in Himachal Pradesh?

It is advisable to book a 4-days and 3-night Chamba tour package to see Chamba attractions and things to do in Chamba Valley.

9. Is Chamba worth visiting during the Monsoon?

No, the River Ravi might flood anytime during the Monsoon. Thus, you cannot enjoy the Ravi Riverside attractions, things to do, and Chamba Valley hiking.

10. Which is the busiest place in Chamba Town?

Every tourist must visit the Chamba Chaugan. It is the busiest place with flea markets, festivals, and an open area for events and cultural tourism purposes in Chamba district Himachal Pradesh.