Sri Lanka Tour Package

Sri Lanka Tour Package - The Land of Endless Enchantment

The Republic of Sri Lanka is one of the cheap and best places to land for a month's tour in South Asia. Lanka is an island nation in the Bay of Bengal towards the west, the Indian Ocean in the southwards and the Arabian Sea in the west and the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait separate Sri Lanka from India in the southern parts of Tamil Nadu State. India is the immediate neighbouring country for Lanka. Sri Lankan Rupees have the least value after the crisis in Sri Lanka in June 2022. You can book all types of Sri Lanka tour packages. It is the best time to travel to Lanka under luxury tourism as it faced economic crises in 2021-2022. Today, it is safe for tourists to land here as the present Government encourages tourism to bring in foreign revenue. Sri Lanka is a place landed by people of all ages. Sri Lanka is famous for Lankan Tea, historic sites, tropical Island beaches, and rainforest and hill stations. Mother Nature is blessed in this land as only a few portions of this island are with modernization. Sri Lankan Railways comes under one of the scenic rail roués of this world. In the 1980s and 90s, Sri Lanka tour was much more affordable as ferry services from Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu to Colombo in Lanka. The present Tamil Nadu Government is taking the initiative to start ferry services from Rameshwaram, which is the nearest point to reach Sri Lank by sea. As of now, Sri Lanka is accessible by tourists by air only. Yet, Kerala and Tamil Nadu governments are taking steps to introduce Cruise tourism from Cochin, Tuticorin and Chennai ports. The Dhanushkodi is the nearest point to Sri Lanka from India. It is 33-Km from Dhanushkodi Beach. Yet, Sri Lanka is not visible to the naked eyes from this beach. The so-called Ramar Sethu starts from here, and people can cross the sea by 3 to 10 meters of water and reach Sri Lanka from Dhanushkodi Beach. Boat service from Dhanushkodi Beach is much more feasible and budget-friendly than taking Sri Lanka tour from Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu. Thus, you will cross nearby the sea bridge built by Lord Rama with Hanuman soldiers in about 7000 BC. Yet, the Sri Lankan Government must think that Tourism from India will boost some income. Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise for honeymooners. The nature-loving couples can visit any part of this island to relax and enjoy the rainforest and beaches and visit tourist attractions, places and things to do on the Lanka tour. The Yala National Park is the Mother Natures place to visit if you love the wildlife and wilderness of this National Park. Visit Mirissa to feel you both are in a tropical paradise. Trincomalee is one of the quit honeymooners-friendly beaches in Lanka. Honeymoon couples are advised to visit Central Highlands to enjoy the cool climate all season. It is the finest place to enjoy Lankan tea gardens and taste the world's best tea from the tea gardens. Visit Kirinda and Midigama to enjoy sea water sports like surfing and scuba diving. It is advisable to book luxury resorts near the beachfront and hill station to enjoy your honey by exploring from the beach to the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Check your Sri Lanka honeymoon tour package, which includes beaches and other scenic attractions places to visit.

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Sri Lanka is also a couples-friendly place. Kandy is the finest place to hide in the mangroves of Lanka. They are lush green in all seasons. Kayaking is the best way t explore together in the mangroves. Visit Bentota to relish seawater sports. Jet skiing and speed boat rides are available during the summer and winter. The Green Shadow Beach Hotel, Kandyan View Holiday Bungalow, and Ivy Lane Hotel Colombo are the best hotels in Sri Lanka to book by couples. Sri Lanka tour package for a couple is the best to book for unmarried and married couples. Pigeon Island is the best couples-friendly spot in Lanka. Couples must plan a day trip to Kandalama to relish in spa therapies. Couples willing to stay and relax on the beaches must book beachfront resorts and hotels. Couples willing to take forest safari and night camping must visit the National Parks of Sri Lanka. A two-week vacation is the best t take if you wish to explore the wild and rainforests in National Parks. Sri Lanka is one of South Asia's family-friendly places to tour. The Hindu families mostly visit this island to see the Ramayana sites. The Sigiriya is a solid standing example that King Ravana existed around 7000 BC. This Sigiriya is a rock fort in central Lanka. It was the fort built on a monolith rock for the brother of Ravana, the Kumbkarana. Stone art and many other depictions of Ramayana characters are visible on stone carvings on this hilltop fort. There are many other Sita Devi sites where Lankan King Ravana hid and kept Sita Devi when he abducted her from India. These sites are near mountain caves and scenic waterfalls, and today, they are important temples for Sita Devi. The Sri Lanka family tour package needs more than a week to explore the natural, cultural and historical attractions of Sri Lanka. Travelling on a scenic rail route in Lanka is an amazing way to explore its rainforest and mountainous regions with flowing waterfalls and dense tropical flora and fauna of Lanka. The Adam's Bridge, Angammedilla, Bundala, Chundikkulam, Delft, Gal Oya, Kaudulla, Kumana, Lunugamvehera, Minneriya, Pigeon Island, Wasgamuwa, Wilpattu, and Yala are the best national Parks to visit with your kids. Sri Lanka celebrates most Hindu festivals as most people are Tamalins from India, and Hinduism is the 2nd most important religion after Buddhism. Tourists willing to taste authentic Sinhalese cuisine like Fish ambul thiyal, Kottu, Kukul mas curry, Parippu, Lamprais, Hoppers, Polos, Wambatu moju, Gotu kola sambol, Kiribath with lunu miris, Pol Sambol, and Wood apple must visit during Pongal, Deepawali, and Tamil new year festival seasons year around. Sri Lanka is a tourist-friendly island nation in South Asia.

Simply Sri Lanka

Simply Sri Lanka

Kandy – Colombo 3 Nights & 4 Days

Sri Lankan Wonders

Sri Lankan Wonders

Bentota - Kandy – Colombo 5 Nights & 6 Days

Dambulla Heritage

Dambulla Heritage

Dambulla 4 Nights & 5 Days

Sri Lankan Cultural Trail

Sri Lankan Cultural Trail

Dambulla - Kandy 4 Nights & 5 Days

Serene Sri Lanka

Serene Sri Lanka

Kandy – Bentota 4 Nights & 5 Days

Sri Lanka Ramayana Trail

Sri Lanka Ramayana Trail

Dambulla - Trincomalee - Kandy - Nuwara Eliya - Colombo 5 Nights & 6 Days

What to see and Do in Sri Lanka

When you are coming to the best city named Sri Lanka, you should do a long travel over whole city. There are so many places where you can visit with your friends, family and loved ones. You can also do so many things which gives you amazing explore. Some of these famous and must visit places are like, Ella Rock, Little Adam’s Peak, Bundalal National Park , Pidurangala rock and many more. So take a long vacation and enjoy with your family.

What Kind of Traveller are You

Well what is your perspective about visiting Sri Lanka is useless question when you are visiting here because this place is having all attractions and all pleasure. Whether you love to visit single or you love to visit with your loved ones or family. Whether you want to do some adventurous activity or you want to juts go and live trip, it’s all depend on you. But we are assuring you that whatever your type of traveler you will just love this place and fall in love with this place.

Where to Stay in Sri Lanka

Well when we are going out of our town, a things which is start revolving in our mind from very beginning and it was about staying. Where we stay? How we stay? Is it comfortable for us? Is it safe for us? And many other questions were comes in our mind. Parbhat Travels is one and only one answer for all of your questions. We are providing you the best place for your sta so that you can easily enjoy your trip without any tension.

Where to Shop

• Well without doing shopping, you cannot complete your trip to Sri Lanka. And when you are so much close to this amazing market, do not miss the chance. There are so many shopping complexes where you can shop and as well as there are so many street side shopping centre also where you can shop. Pink Shop Colombo Shopping, Galle Shopping, Kandy Shopping. Just shop and enjoy your day in Sri Lanka.

How to Reach Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the most popular and exploring city for all type of visitors. Anyone can reach here without any hassle. Reaching Sri-Lanka is a piece of cake it means it is very easy to reach Sri-Lanka from any place. You can arrive at this place by any means of transport. You are complete your travel with Train or bus or Plain. So don’t worry about the travelling issues and just visit here to enjoy this amazing city.

FAQs on Sri Lanka tour

1. Are Ramayan sites worth visiting in Sri Lanka?

Yes, Sri Lanka has long-standing solid evidence of the epic saga Ramayana of the Vedic age. It is now 7500 years past; the Ramayana sites are still preserved under UNESCO heritage sites in Sri Lanka. Most Sri Lanka honeymoon tour packages include Sigiriya and waterfalls places like Sita Kotuwa. Lord Rama and Sita Devi will bless you both after visiting the below-mentioned places.
Check your Sri Lanka tour package, which includes these Ramayana places like Divurumpola, Hanuman Temple in Ramboda, Munneswaram Temple and Manavari Temple, Pushpaka Vimana, Ram Sethu, Ravana Temple & Caves, Sanjeevani Mountain Dolukanda, Seetha Amman Temple, Sigiriya, and Sita Kotuwa.

2. Can I take a luxury tour to Sri Lanka from India?

Yes, if you compare Indian Rupee to Sri Lankan Rupee, you can spend a month-long luxurious tour in Sri Lanka. 1 INR is equal to 2.08 LKR. Thus, people from all parts of India can spend many categories on a Luxury Sri Lanka tour package.
It is the scenic tropical island country to land for Sri Lanka honeymoon tour package with luxury beachfront resorts. The star-rated sea view luxury hotels are there for honeymooners in Colombo, which is the capital of Sri Lanka. Honeymoon couples will enjoy the beach, sea and water adventure sports available at the shore.

3. Are there luxury cruise ships from India to Sri Lanka?

Yes, many domestic or Indian-based luxury cruise ships with one-week to 15-day luxury cruise to Sri Lanka tour packages are there for people of all ages. Domestic cruisers start from Mumbai, Cochin, Chennai, Vizag and Kolkata. Many international cruisers do touch Chennai Port and leave for Colombo.
Book a luxury cruise ship from Chennai to Port to Queen Elizabeth Pier if you wish to travel via sea. It is the most luxurious way to spend time in the casino, and bars, have class food and enjoy live entertainment inside the ship. Sri Lanka tour packages for couples in luxury cruisers are available in India, which you can book online.

4. Where can I exchange currencies in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is not a plastic money-friendly or credit/debit, and UPI forms are less accepted in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, resorts and with local vendors at Sri Lanka attraction places. Thus, cash in hand or more liquid cash with you makes your travel and food needs easier.
Tourists are advised to make use of the banks and ATMs on the airport premises to exchange Indian rupees and get Sri Lankan rupees. Many currency exchanges as a counter service inside travel agents' offices. Yet, they are in major cities of Sri Lanka. They take higher charges than banks with ForEx counters.

5. Is Sri Lanka a safe place to land for tourism?

Yes, Sri Lanka is now totally safe to land for tourism in all categories available here. It was from 1983 to 2009 that the east and north western coastal fronts and interior areas were under LTTE control. For over a decade, LTTE occupied places under tourism and allied activities.
Post Covid-19, Sri Lanka's GDP is worth 5.6% of revenue from the tourism industry. The Sri Lankan Government, with private partnerships, promotes international tourism today. The Shimalas and Tamilians are tourist-friendly people. They are local tour guides on the beaches, inside National Parks and UNESCO heritage sites.

6. Is it worth taking scenic rail routes once in Sri Lanka trip?

Sri Lanka, as an Island nation, boasts one of the tropical scenic rail routes in the world. Travellers who have already taken other scenic rail routes and UNESCO-certified rail routes will feel it is the most amazing route to travel with Mother Nature. Check your Sri Lanka tour package includes a scenic rail journey to see Sri Lanka attractions.
Honeymooners under the Sri Lanka honeymoon tour package must try Anuradhapura to Jaffna, Kandy to Badulla, Colombo to Galle, and Colombo to Kandy trip by train. They pass near the sea costs, hilly terrains, rain forests, streams, rivers, caves, and breath-taking bridges on the mountains and scenic villages of this tropical island.

7. Why are the UNESCO heritage sites are is most visited by tourists in Sri Lanka?

One or two UNESCO heritage sites will be included in the Sri Lanka tour packages. Such sites are one of the major historical and cultural attractions and places to see in Lanka. The Ancient City of Polonnaruwa, the Ancient City of Sigiriya, Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications, Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temple, Sacred City of Anuradhapura, Sacred City of Kandy, and Sinharaja Forest Reserve are the must visit UNESCO sites in Lanka.
Check your Sri Lanka tour package for a couple that includes any of these sites. They are in a lush green environment and at the seafront.

8. Can I taste and buy the Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka?

Yes, Sri Lanka is the exporter of the world-famous Ceylon tea. Its taste is very different from many other teas available from various tea plantations of this world. Sri Lankan soil, weather, moisture, monsoon rain and ground water make the tea plantation in central Lanka tastier tea without any blends and mixtures for colour and flavours.
Next time you visit any of the Sri Lanka tour packages, check if you have a tea garden as one of the sightseeing places. Ceylon tea is available to taste from the tea estate and in many local and branded tea stalls, hotels and restaurants. You can buy Ceylon tea and bring it home.

9. Can Buddhists take a pilgrim tour to Sri Lanka?

Yes, Buddhists from many corners of this world can take a pilgrim tour any season. Most of the Sri Lanka tour package includes UNESCO heritage sites like the Ancient City of Polonnaruwa, Golden Temple of Dambulla, Sacred City of Anuradhapura, and the Sacred City of Kandy. Yet, there are 6000 monasteries in this Island country.
The Buddhists must visit the Lord Buddha visited places in Lanka like Kelaniya, Mahiyanganaya, and Nagadipa. The Gangaramaya Temple is the biggest Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. A 10 to 15-day pilgrim trip is essential to cover all major Buddhist attractions and places of worship in Sri Lanka.

10. When is the best time to take a tour of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a tropical island adjacent to Tamil Nadu (India) towards its south. Thus, Lanka experience a tropical climate. Yet, it differs from other tropical zones as its central highlands significantly affect weather. The east coast is the best to visit between Mat and October. The west coast and the central highlands are the best to visit in-between December to April. Check your Sri Lanka tour package itinerary before booking.
The honeymooners can visit here under any Sri Lanka honeymoon tour package in all seasons. They can relax under wellness tourism in beach resorts or on the lush green central highlands.

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“We booked the Sri Lanka tour package under cultural heritage tourism from Parbhat Travels online. The Ramayana sites in Sri Lanka are worth visiting as they are the only long-standing solid evidence of Epic Saga Ramayana in 7000 BC. Thank you, team; we visited all of the UNESCO heritage sites of Sri Lanka on an a7-days and 6-nights Sri Lanka tour."

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Plisa Moody


“I appreciate your customer service My betrothed girl and I went on a Sri Lanka tour package for a couple. We enjoyed the scenic rail route of Sri Lanka, the world's most beautiful one among many other scenic rail routes. We went from Colombo to Kandy by train. For my honeymoon, I will book again to travel in Anuradhapura to Jaffna, Kandy to Badulla, and Colombo to Galle scenic rail routes. ”

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Christine Smith


“Your Sri Lanka honeymoon tour package under luxury is worthier than your price tag. I am thankful to Parbhat Travels for booking a luxury beachfront resort in Hikkaduwa Beach, Colombo. We enjoyed the beach, nightlife, food and parties happening at the beach. Nearby honeymoon-friendly places to see are also worth visiting.”