Phuket Honeymoon Tour Package

Phuket Honeymoon Tour - Beautiful Haven for Couples

Who does not want to go on a beautiful destination in their weekends or vacation time? And when you have decided to go on a beautiful location, then why not you prefer Phuket. This place is considered as beauty on earth for visitors as they can find happiness in this destination. Phuket is a beautiful and charming city which is situated on the beachside in South of Thailand. Phuket has spread in 49kms area and known as a big and rich city of Thailand. With the increasing number of visitors, this place is becoming famous for honeymooners. Mostly newly married couples and friend circles come to this destination for enjoying their quality time. If you also want to spend some private time with someone special or you just want to simple view a location, you should come Phuket. There are many places to Visit in Phuket, but some of these are main attraction like Phang Nga and big Budhha. This is a beautiful heaven for couples to visit here and enjoy their Life’s best moments. Lovely couples came to this city for completing their love goals. So you also need to visit this location via taking Phuket Honeymoon Tour package form Parbhat Travels.

Phuket Krabi and Bangkok

Phuket Krabi and Bangkok

Phuket 2 Nights - Krabi 2 Nights - Bangkok 2 Nights                               Starting $352/-

Phuket and Krabi

Phuket and Krabi

Phuket 3 Nights - Krabi 2 Nights Starting $230/-

Phuket and Bangkok

Phuket and Bangkok

Phuket 2 Nights - Bangkok 2 Nights Starting $220/-

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What to see and Do in Phuket

Phuket is situated in Southern Thailand. When the question arises about the beautiful states of Thailand, Phuket will be on the top of the list. It glorifies the artistry of Thailand. It has many beautiful islands situated; Tourism is increasing rapidly and becoming dominant source for the income for the state and their residents. Phuket is one of the most admirable holiday destinations for those looking for a relaxing area in Southern Thailand.

What Kind of Traveller are You

And the main question is what kind of traveler you are to visit in Phuket? Are you a romantic type lover? Or a silence lover or fun seeker? Whatever you are, you will fall for this city in one single look. Here you can take a long walk with your soul mate, or seek many fun filled activities. This single city has many things to lure you for visiting here and book a Adventurous Tour Package with Us.

Where to Stay in Phukete

Staying is the most important factor to choose a destination for your tour. No one is loved to stay in uncomforted place. We all want a place for easily staying. Phuket is very rich in hotel selection. You can find many options for hotel here. Every hotel has its own flavor, grace. We are surely assure you that they will provide you best services as you are came here through our package. You will feel very comfort here.

Where to Shop

If you are planning to visit Phuket with your newly love partner, so it is compulsory that you will purchase many gifts for your love and gave them surprises. So, with this package, you can do all these things as this city has many beautiful markets where you can find traditional and handicraft items on a mostly basis. There are many interesting shops and they designed them in a unique way.

Where to Eat

As we all know that food is the main thing for our life. We are earning our lives for a Food Only. So phuket is very rich in this part, as they are making an awesome Food for You. There are many places where you feel like a rich foodie and enjoy a delicious food from everywhere, every corner. From Street Food to high Class Hotels, all use a great technique in their recipe to make food amazing and tasteful.

How to reach Phuket

There are many ways to reach Phuket City which is beautifully placed in Thailand. You can book our trip service where you can enjoy a vacation with your partner. You can reach here by Air, by Road or by sea. It is depend up to you that which mode of transport you can use or which one is you are avoid. So, now you should plan a awesome trip to Phuket with your lovable partner and enjoy the beauty of this place.

About Phuket Tour Package

There are a number of things to enjoy in Phuket and a vacation here is not enough to see and do everything. The destination is like a dream. You could take pleasure in almost everything like - mind refreshing shows, various adventure activities, and trekking, kayaking tours or do diving.

Here Are The Top Phuket Tour Attractions:

Enjoy the Phi Phi Island - This is a favorite destination in Phuket and almost everyone loves it. Phi Phi Island is a very beautiful island in the globe and a visit here will definitely soothe your mind. Wake up early in the morning to go to the island to see the beautiful sunrise. Stop for a minute at the Maya Bay and take pleasure in a gorgeous lunch at Ao Ton Sai.

Phang Nga Bay tour - This is a great day tour that offers you traveling through the calm waters of the Phang Nga Bay. You can ride on a speed boat or relax on the traditional Chinese food plate. Travel the James Bond Island, where an incredible limestone formations awaiting you and visit the Sea Gypsy village.

Similan Islands - Just few minutes of drive from Phuket, there is a set of islands, which are dense and misty. There are the Similan Islands, which are popular among scuba divers, but now, lots more travelers go for snorkeling and enjoy the unparallel natural beauty of the surroundings.

FantaSea Show - This is a must travel place if you are traveling around Phuket. See theatrical acts, enjoy games, know more about the facts and history of Thailand, and enjoy lots of shopping opportunity. There are many mind and soul refreshing international and Thai foods to eat.

Phuket Nightlife - Phuket nightlife is simply thrilling and offers a great time to enjoy. There is the Simon Cabaret which is a musical floor and you can see lady-boys extravaganza. Don't back from the Phuket tour without playing Thai boxing. It will be an enthralling experience.

Sea Kayaking - Phuket is blessed with some beautiful natural caves that are called "hongs". These hongs are in thin and low entry shape that opens up inside. Board on a small canoe or kayak to travel through the waters and enter the calm bay inside, this will be a great journey to get memorable experience.

Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples - One of the popular temples in Phuket, Wat Chalong is visited by millions of travelers to see its beautiful pagodas and many reflections on small glass pieces. There are many important shrine places in Phuket. Must visit its Big Buddha statue!

Thai boxing - If you are in Thailand and have leisure time then must catch some action at the Boxing ring. It will be an exciting fun. Phuket has the best places to know about the Thai boxing culture. Visit the Saphan Hin Stadium where you can see the boxing and martial-arts matches. You can also catch the action in Patong Beach.

Phuket is blessed with superb natural beauty and it will be good to book Gateway of Phuket Tour package as it contains all the interesting things for which the destination is known.